Kale vrouwen: ‘stress, or a sign of madness’

Naar verluidt heeft Britney Spears van de week haar haar afgeschoren. Nu is ze een ster, en zowat alles dat sterren doen of overkomt wordt breed uitgemeten. Maar met kale vrouwen is iets, dus verschijnen er grote stukken over Britneys actie, ook in serieuze kranten. De Engelse Guardian heeft een lang stuk over kale vrouwen:

With time, a shaven head became fashionable, among men at least, and skinheads eventually lost their shock value. The image of a woman with no hair, however, can still pack a visceral punch. “There are lots of positive connotations in men,” says Alastair Ross, a social psychologist at the University of Strathclyde. “It’s the hair equivalent of joining the Foreign Legion or becoming a monk. It’s having a spring-clean or the sign of a new physical regime. But in women it’s seen as being out of control because it’s outside the normal distribution of hair behaviour.” In other words, baldness is still relatively rare in women, and is generally treated as a sign of crisis or stress – or if it is known to be self-inflicted, a sign of madness.
The Bald Truth, The Guardian, 20 feb. 2007.

Of alle chemodames alsjeblieft hun pruik maar weer willen opzetten.

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