Scientology & Fishman Affidavit

The Dutch protest started when Scientology raided Dutch ISP XS4all over the Fishman Affidavit. I took cause, and ended up being personally sued by Scientology for almost ten years (1995-2005); I won thrice. You can read about the case here:

Fishman Affidafit, turning into Scientology vs Spaink:

  • Chronology of the court case, with rulings (not all translated)
  • Description of the Fishman Declaration in Scientology vs Fishman
  • OT III, the text that was at the heart of the matter. It’s the story of Xenu – Scientology’s version of the devil – in full colour and in full weirdness. Did you know that you are crawling with space cooties that have to be audited away one by one?
  • The Scientology litigation kit: material I collected for my defense.
  • Wikipedia NL: Scientology tegen Karin Spaink
  • Wikipedia EN: Scientology vs Karin Spaink

Other Scientology stuff:

There’s more Scientology stuff on my web site:

Enjoy. And remember: Scientology is bad for your health, your purse, your relations with family and friends, and your state of mind. If you want to learn something about the world and/or yourself: go read a book, go and talk with people, spend time with those you love.

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