Scientology & Fishman Affidavit

The Dutch protest started when Scientology raided Dutch ISP XS4all over the Fishman Affidavit. I took cause, and ended up being personally sued by Scientology for almost ten years (1995-2005); I won thrice. You can read about the case here:

Fishman Affidafit, turning into Scientology vs Spaink:

  • Chronology of the court case, with rulings (not all translated)
  • Description of the Fishman Declaration in Scientology vs Fishman
  • OT III, the text that was at the heart of the matter. It’s the story of Xenu – Scientology’s version of the devil – in full colour and in full weirdness. Did you know that you are crawling with space cooties that have to be audited away one by one?
  • The Scientology litigation kit: material I collected for my defense.
  • Wikipedia NL: Scientology tegen Karin Spaink
  • Wikipedia EN: Scientology vs Karin Spaink

Other Scientology stuff:

There’s more Scientology stuff on my web site:

Enjoy. And remember: Scientology is bad for your health, your purse, your relations with family and friends, and your state of mind. If you want to learn something about the world and/or yourself: go read a book, go and talk with people, spend time with those you love.

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  1. rien ≡ 01 Oct 2010 ≡ 12:37

    Hallo Karin,

    Afgelopen week was er een vervolg doucumentaire op de BBC over de Scientology Kerk. Geert moet hier maar eens zijn aandacht op vestigen. Veel gevaarlijker dan de gemiddelde moslim.


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