Net Communities

[Keynote lecture for Doors of Perception, Amsterdam, November 1995. Please bear in mind that this was, indeed, 1995.]

I WAS INVITED TO discuss Internet, and more specifically: whether there is such a thing as net-comminities, and, if so, whether they are in any way comparable to communities as we know them in daily life. But I’d like to make a preliminary remark. When discussing Internet, it seems as if everybody focusses on the World Wide Web. On homepages. Or, to be more precise, on the form of homepages. Homepages are hardly ever discussed on their merits as to contents, nor are they presented as the best tool for information retrieval, which indeed they can be; instead, homepages are hailed and applauded for their blitzy graphics, their fancy Netscape 2.0 backgrounds, their interlaced gifs, their dazzling lay-outs and what have you.


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