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De ballen in de kerstboom

[Verschenen in De Standaard. Recensie van Gary Taylor: Castration. An abbreviated history of western manhood, uitgeverij Routledge, New York 2000.] LAAT DE TERM CASTRATIE in gemengd gezelschap vallen en zie hoe alle mannen naar hun kruis grijpen, zo ongeveer als voetballers in het muurtje zich beschermen wanneer de tegenpartij een strafschop neemt. Dat komt door Freud. Freud – zelf overigens ontdaan van zijn voorhuid, zoals de meeste joden en moslims – verstond onder castratie het verwijderen van de penis, ook […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.7

Carrying water from the desert to the sea Stockholm, January 26-27, 2001 [Previous installment: Unacceptable truths.] WHEN WE ARRIVE AT COURT for the final day, two women approach us. Zenon shakes hands with one of them; they speak for a short while, Zenon introduces her to me – it is the bailiff who was responsible for the raid in 1996 – and then she hands him an envelope. As it turns out, it is a demand for outstanding tax bills. […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.6

Unacceptable truths Stockholm, January 24-25, 2001 [Previous installment: Child games.] THE COURT HAS ADJOURNED for two days. Friday we will resume: that day, pleas are to be held and that’s it. Afterwards, all we can do is wait for the ruling (and pray to Xenu). McShane’s vehement assertion that no Class IX auditor ever pays for the ‘privilege’ to study the NOTs pack and that only Class IX auditors get to study this material, sits badly with us. We simply […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.5

Child games Stockholm, January 23, 2001 [Previous installment: Magnusson becomes helpful.] ZENON HAS NEW EVIDENCE and presents it to the court; it is a result of my transcript of McShane’s testimony as posted to the internet. Zenon got an e-mail from somebody [thank you! You know who you are] who claims that the NOTs are also studied privately and that more people have read the NOTs than McShane claimed in his deposition. The actual evidence is on its way and […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.4

Magnusson becomes helpful Stockholm, January 22, 2001 [Previous installment: McShane compliments Zenon.] WHEN ZENON AND I ENTER the hall after the weekend, Magnusson’s aide is the first person that we meet. While he usually ignores us, he now makes a show of flashing me a big grin. He must have read my previous report, I gather, and is doing his best to disprove my published assessment that he is a Scientologist. As I will soon discover, I am only partially […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.3

McShane compliments Zenon Stockholm, January 19, 2001 [Previous installment: Mangled material.] THE SCIENTOLOGY DELEGATION has changed configuration: there are two new guys. One of them is an extra interpreter. Today, McShane will be deposed and he needs a legal interpreter. Neither of the translators are Scientologists; that is apparent from the fact that they speak with us. The only other person who does this is William Hart, McShane’s lawyer. We joke a bit on occasion, especially when we’re outside to […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.2

Mangled material Stockholm, January 18, 2001 [Previous installment: Poor guy versus multinational cult.] SWEDISH COURT CASES ARE BORING and take too long. All proceedings must be verbal; the written preparations just serve as a background and what is not said, does not officially count. That is why this court case will last five days. Magnusson, Scientology’s attorney, opens with a tiresome enumeration of Zenon’s misdeeds and misbehaviours. Posted this, webbed that, material filed here, copy made there, said this, did […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 2.1

Poor guy versus multinational cult Stockholm, January 17, 2001 [This is a second series about Scientology v. Zenon Panoussis. Zenon dealt with a similar case as I was doing, although while I kept winning in the Netherlands, he kept losing in Sweden. The first series – from May 1998 – can be found here.] BY THE TIME that this court case will be appealed, we will need a trailer. I am the beast of burden. I am sitting in my […]   » Verder lezen »

Te gast bij de Vlaamse Rijkswacht

[Verschenen in De Morgen.] Training isn’t a game, staat er op de rug van zijn t-shirt. De man staat met zijn armen wijdbeens. Hij kan ook niet anders: onder zijn ene oksel zit een holster met pistool en onder de andere twee handboeien aan een leren houder, dat verwringt je postuur nogal. Hij is lid van de Antwerpse divisie van de gendarmerie. Allemaal echte mannen. Allemaal uiterst zelfvoldaan, ten volle overtuigd van hun importantie, hun nut, hun recht, hun gelijk; […]   » Verder lezen »

Unbiased columnism # 1.7

Final pleas, or: unprecedented legal costs Stockholm, Wednesday, June 3 1998 [Previous installment: Questioning McShane. Note: I had had to go back to Amsterdam during the weekend. Zenon did the rest of the trial by himself and wrote this.] True to my copyright terrorist instincts and traditions, I am happy to serve you the last UC of this bunch: a fake one, written by me in the absence of Karin, meant to ruin her reputation as a writer. Today was […]   » Verder lezen »