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3 Feb 1997

Added -
Ron kidnaps his daughter under an alias, Feb 1951
Ron "indemnifies" his henchman over kidnapping, Feb 1951
Ron denounces his wife to the FBI, March 1951
Ron has an interview with the FBI, March 1951
Ron offers a $10,000 reward for clearing his wife, March 1951
Ron believes "they" are after him, May 1951
Secret minute from Ron in Clearwater, Nov 1975
Scientology infiltrates the US Government, Dec 1975

14 Dec 1996

Added -
Was Ron really the youngest Eagle Scout in the US? - 1924
The expedition that wasn't - Puerto Rico, October 1932
Ron tries to get into the US Air Corps, February 1938
Ron is recommended for service in the US Navy, March - May 1941
Ron "creates" the United States Air Force, June 1941
Ron fights a two-day battle with a magnetic deposit, May 1943
"Crippled and blinded", April 1947
Ron continues to claim for disabilities, May 1951
Ron's real US Navy service record comes to light
Updated -
Ron's father's activities from 1914 to 1922
Ron's Boy Scout diary shows his keen interest in mental science


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Last updated 3 Feb 1997