Ron "indemnifies" his henchman over kidnapping,
Feb 1951



A key figure in the kidnapping of Alexis and Sara Hubbard (see "Ron kidnaps his daughter under an alias, Feb 1951" and Sara Hubbard's affidavit) was Frank Dessler, Dianeticist and fanatically loyal follower of L. Ron Hubbard. Since the infamous Lindburgh case in the 1920s, kidnapping had been a capital Federal offence. This naturally caused Dessler some concern. He asked for, and received, a signed letter from Ron "indemnifying" him of any criminal offences committed on Ron's orders. (It is very doubtful whether this would have been seen as mitigating the crime, had Hubbard and Dessler been caught.)

This document is also interesting in another respect, in that it acknowledges Hubbard's paternity of Alexis; in 1971, he disowned her, telling her through an agent that she was the illegitimate daughter of Jack Parsons, the rocket scientist and satanist whom he had known in the late 1940s. His memory was obviously a little faulty!



To Whom It May Concern

Frank Dessler
acted under my
direct orders and
as an agent of the
father in all steps
he took concerning
my child Alexis
Valerie Hubbard.
Further, he took
no steps where I
was not present.
Sara Northrup
bringing any
action against
Dessler is acting
in the spitefulness
of revenge because
he would not
turn against me,
his employer,
and assist her
efforts to gain
full and complete
control of the
Book Dianetics and
ownership of the
Foundation to the
benefit of the
Communist Party [and]
her lover Miles

L. Ron Hubbard

Signature Witness:

John Wm M[aloney]


The Letter


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