"Crippled and blinded" - April 1947


Though he confided to an unpublished autobiography dictated in 1972 that "I am the last person to advertise war", Ron's heroic war service has been a staple of Church of Scientology-produced biographies for many years. (Oddly, it has been omitted almost entirely from his latest biography, Images of a Lifetime.) A key document which new Scientologists are given to read, and which is on the walls of many Scientology churches, is a piece by Hubbard called "My Philosophy". It states:

Blinded with injured optic nerves, and lame with physical injuries to hip and back, at the end of World War II, I faced an almost non-existent future. My service record states: "This officer has no neurotic or psychotic tendencies of any kind whatsoever," but it also states "permanently disabled physically".

And so there came a further blow - I was abandoned by family and friends as a supposedly hopeless cripple and a probable burden on them for the rest of my days. Yet I worked my way back to fitness and strength in less than two years, using only what I knew about Man and his relationship to the universe. I had no one to help me; what I had to know I had to find out. And it's quite a trick studying when you cannot see.

I became used to being told that it was all impossible, that there was no way, no hope. Yet I came to see again and walk again.

In other words, if you apply Ron's discoveries, you too can recover from your physical ailments. There is only one problem with the ringing statement above: none of it is true. To summarise:

The following document shows his medical history and what he claimed to be suffering from, as of 17 April 1947. It sharply contradicts his later claims:

VA medical report


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