"She cries for spiders"

The famous Fishman affidavit
Articles by others
Index Dutch Protest
Scientology litigation kit
Andere zaken van/met Scientology
Bare-faced Messiah
Ron Hubbard's real biography
Ron Hubaard was not a warhero
Scientology's Guardian Office and Office of Secret Affairs
Hubbard and the colonels
Index essays about Scientology
Index Dutch court cases by / against Scientology
Mirror of Ron Newman's pages
Mirror of Martin Poulter's pages
Mirror of Dave Touretzky's pages
Escape from RPF, English
Escape from RPF, French
Escape from RPF, Spanish
Which material?
To want to eat a pie and have it
Brochures with a bite
You know you're being sued by CoS when...
Questioning McShane
Final pleas
Day 0: Poor guy versus multinational cult
Day 1: Mangled material
Day 2: McShane compliments Zenon
Day 3: Magnusson becomes helpful
Day 4: Children's games
Day 5-6: Unacceptable truths
Day 7-8: Carrying water to the sea
Party coloured laundry
Religious practices
Technique 88
Scientology gets caught in the Net
In de tang
Religieuze praktijken
Bonte was
Voor de rechter
Hyperlinks, of: kutzwagerschap
Scientology on het Net
Dag 0: Armoedzaaier versus multinationale sekte
Dag 1: Verknipte stukken
Dag 2: McShane helpt Zenon
Dag 3: Scientology's wraak
Dag 4: Kinderachtige spelletjes
Dag 5-6: Onaanvaardbare waarheden
Dag 7-8: Water naar de zee dragen

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