OT III - Scientologys "secret" course
rewritten for beginners
Jon Atack

The following is for inclusion among the Atack files at the internet homepages of Karin Spaink and Tilman Hausherr.

Not for publication or distribution in the United Kingdom. Copyright Jonathan Caven-Atack, 1996. This material may be published in its entirety in any form, except by members or agents of the supposed religion of Scientology (to include all members of the International Association of Scientologists and their agents, heirs and assigns), who must pay $250,000 to Karin Spainks legal defence fund prior to copying or reading the following. Anyone publishing this document accepts full liability for its contents. Copying or reading or being in possession of this document constitutes an agreement to all of the foregoing conditions. Karin Spaink is hereby given the right to sue any violator on behalf of the author and to put the proceeds of such action towards the defense of herself or anyone else suffering litigation from the cult.

OT III - Scientologys "secret" course rewritten for beginners

According to Scientology theory, we are all multiple personalities made up of hundreds of compacted extraterrestrial entities. We have reincarnated for 75 million years since this happened to us all. Scientology has claimed that this is a business trade secret...

There has been great controversy, and massive litigation, concerning the Scientology cults once secret "Operating Thetan Section Three Course". To save the brain strain of reading this purportedly lethal material in the original Ronspeak, and to save any danger of litigation for violation of copyright, this version is humbly tendered as a gift to mankind...

Scientologists believe that they have reincarnated from before the beginning of time. They believe that many interplanetary civilizations have existed. Hubbard restyled the spirit the "thetan". Before the beginning of time, thetans existed, separate from one another (thetans were not created they have existed for all time and indeed precede the creation of time). With the creation of energy and matter, thetans have gradually become trapped. The principal method of entrapment is through "implanting", where the thetan is hypnotised and given positive suggestions which limit its powers. This process, according to Hubbard has been going on in this universe for four quadrillion Years (4,000,000,000,000,000, rather than the mere 8-20,000,000 held by astrophysicists). However, this is just one universe in a series of several.

Scientology seeks to return the thetan's power by stripping away implants and using drills to heighten extrasensory perception and ability. The goal of these procedures is an "operating thetan" - a being who can act independently of his physical body, and can cause physical events to occur through sheer force of will. The "operating thetan" would be capable of dismissing illness and psychological disorder in others at will.

The Scientologist generally undertakes hundreds of hours of preparation prior to taking the first section of the Operating Thetan level courses - OT 1 (a version of which is available on Karin Spainks homepage). OT 2 consists of over a hundred pages of handwritten lists of opposites, such as "create - create no". These are supposedly the basic positive suggestions from implants administered 75 million years ago. These implants were part of the so-called OT 3 incident.

According to Hubbard, 75 million years ago, there was a confederation of 76 planets, including Earth. The "Galactic Confederation" (the title comes from the science fiction of E.E. 'Doc' Smith), was ruled by Xenu (also called "Xemu" by Hubbard). Overpopulation had become a serious problem, which Xenu resolved by murdering many of the inhabitants of the Confederation. Hubbard estimated that the 76 planets averaged 178 billion people each. The people were killed and the thetans (or spirits) gathered, frozen in a mixture of glycol and alcohol, and brought to Earth where they were placed near volcanoes which were exploded with hydrogen bombs. The thetans were gathered on "electronic ribbons", packaged together as clusters and given 36 days of implanting, to render them servile and incapable of decision. A cluster is a collection of body thetans containing a leader and an "alternate" leader. The cluster conceives itself to be an individual. According to OT 3, everyone on Earth is in fact a collection of such clusters (Hubbard says that each person doing OT 3 will find "hundreds" of body thetans - many victims of this course believe that they find millions).

On OT 3, the individual finds "body thetans" by locating any sensation of pressure or mass in his or her body. This is addressed "telepathically" as a cluster, and taken through the cluster-making incident of 75 million years ago. Once this is done, the individual body thetans should be available to be taken through either the same incident or the incident of entry into this universe. This is called "incident one", and supposedly occured four quadrillion years ago. This incident is described in the materials as: "Loud snap - waves of light - chariot comes out, turns left and right - cherub comes out - blows horn, comes close - shattering series of snaps - cherub fades back (retreats) - blackness dumped on thetan." Most scientologists are unaware of the true definition of "cherub".

The Scientologist spends days or years dealing with "body thetans" (I have known two people who "audited" this procedure almost every day for eleven years). Scientology materials of different dates assert that at the end of OT 3 the individual will be "stably exterior" (from his body - out of his head, it might be rephrased), free from "overwhelm" (i.e., nothing will ever overwhelm him emotionally again), and have total recall of his entire round of incarnations from four quadrillion years ago to the present. Secret materials seen only by those selling the course give the "end phenomenon" as a "big win" urging that the person be put onto the next course - where they pay by the hour - quickly.

Anyone who encounters this material without having undertaken Scientology courses up to OT 2 will supposedly die from pneumonia.

OT 3 is of course in substantial disagreement with conventional geology. Geologists hold that almost all of the volcanoes listed by Hubbard and both Hawaii and Los Palmas came into being far more recently than 75 million years ago. On a simple point of logic, it seems strange that none of these volcanoes was damaged by the explosion of the hydrogen bombs. Hubbard was taking barbiturates and drinking heavily when he wrote this material, according to letters he wrote at the time which are kept from scientologists by the management of Scientology.

OT III glossary for those who have the original materials but cannot make head nor tail of them:

7s - a set of supposed "implants", part of the OT 3 incident.
ARC - Affinity, Reality and Communication.
ARC break - upset.
auditing - Dianetic or Scientology "counselling".
basic basic - the earliest traumatic incident.
blow - leave.
blowdown - a sudden change in electrical resistance, shown by downward movement of the Tone Arm on the E-meter. Held to mean release of emotional "charge".
body thetan - "a thetan who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control".
BPC - bypassed charge, q.v.
BT - body thetan.
bypassed charge - upset stirred up during auditing but unhandled.
case - personal difficulties, the "reactive mind" and the "implants" and "body thetans" of OT levels.
C.C. - Clearing Course.
chain - a string of similar traumata arranged according to time.
charge - harmful energy stored in the reactive mind.
circuit - post hypnotic suggestion.
clear - an individual without a "reactive mind".
cluster - a group of fused body thetans.
cognite - realize.
comm laggy - (comm - communication) hesitant.
C/Sing - case supervising, overseeing auditing sessions.
earlier similar - earlier similar incident or trauma.
exterior - out of the body.
exterior with full perception - out of the body and able to perceive fully (this is the goal of Scientology).
flat - finished.
F/N - floating needle, an E-meter reaction supposed to show that "charge" has been released from the topic being addressed.
GF 40 - "Green Form 40", an auditing repair list.
grades - preparatory auditing.
grades IV & V - preparatory auditing.
grind - keep on going over a traumatic incident without change.
HDG - "Hubbard Dianetic Graduate", Dianetic auditor.
implant - implantation of post-hypnotic suggestion.
Interiorization processes - designed to return an "exterior" being into his body.
item - something that bothers the individual psychologically.
itsa earlier itsa - itsa "it is a", to find earlier realizations.
LIC - "list one 0", an auditing repair list.
low TA - unable to face life.
meter - E-meter (Hubbard Electropsychometer). The psychogalvonometer adopted by Hubbard. A simple lie detector.
milazzo - an auditing technique used on OT 3.
none on OT 3 - no body thetans found.
one-hand electrode - soup can used as an electrode. The "solo auditor" uses two soup can divided by a piece of plastic connected to an E-meter.
O/R - overrun, q.v.
OT - "Operating Thetan", a being who can operate independently of his physical body; who can supposedly cause events through intention (or will-power).
out of valence - behaving as if he were someone else (see "valence").
overrun - taken beyond the end of an auditing process.
PC - preclear, person receiving auditing.
picture - mental image picture.
process - auditing procedure.
R3R - "routine 3 revised", the procedure of Dianetic auditing.
R6 - the "reactive mind", supposedly created by the "OT 3 implant" or "incident 2".
Review - review auditing which seeks to "repair" earlier auditing errors.
rudiments - upsets, problems or "withholds" that prevent the individual from being attentive to an auditing procedure.
ruds - see "rudiments".
running - going over a memory or following an auditing procedure.
S & D - "Search and Discovery", procedure for finding who is supposedly suppressing the individual receiving auditing.
soaring TA - increased electrical resistance, supposed to indicate an inability to face a memory.
solo auditing - on OT 3 the subject audits himself.
SP - Suppressive Person. A critic of Scientology. Anyone who thinks that OT 3 is nonsense.
space opera - science fiction.
TA - Tone Arm action - change of electrical resistance, supposed to show relief of emotional "charge".
Teegeeack - Earth.
theta bop - E-meter reaction, supposed to indicate that the thetan or spirit is going in and out of the body.
thetan - "an individual being ... not a body".
TR - training routine. Role play drill (which can be practiced to hypnotic excess, leading hallucination, euphoria, heightening of colour and sound and a feeling of floating). The most famous of these is TR 8 where scientologists shout "stand up" and "sit down" at an ashtray.
TR 1 - a drill to make sure you can be heard (and induce obedience, but that isn't the point here).
TR 4 - getting questions answered (in the role-play drill the scientologist repeats either the question "do fish swim" or "do birds fly" sometimes for hours on end).
rim knob - an E-meter control.
triple flows - what was done to the individual, what was done by the individual and what the individual saw others doing.
unflat - not finished.
valence - an adopted personality.
withhold - an undisclosed moral transgression.