RTC's appointee Moxon declares OT 8 to be authentic

Civil Action No. 95-1107-A, Religious Technology Center vs.

Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma, et al.

Mr. Sullivan, Lerma's lawyer, is speaking, He explains Judge Brinkema which files Mozon has designated as copyright infringements. The Mr. Cooley who is referred to, is Scientology's lawyer for this case. Earlier in this same session Cooley had repeated the official CoS-statement that OT VIII is a fake. These two Cos-lawyers thus clearly disagree; but Moxon was the one who was appointed to oversee the investigation of Lerma's computer and files, not Cooley. And Moxon impounded OT VIII....

page 81 - 82:

...what Mr. Cooley represented was a very highly placed Scientology attorney, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Moxin (phonetic), an attorney from Los Angeles, who we were told had obtained the requisite spiritual level to review these materials.

Now, we got back 58 disks that allegedly contained the infringing materials. We went through those disks. We went through three of those disks. We printed out some of the shorter ones and went through them in the 30(b)6 deposition that we conducted, and the plaintiffs designated Mr. McShane, the President of the RTC, as its 30(b)6 witness.

We went through three of these documents, presented to him in their entirety. What did we find out?

One that they designated as an infringement was this OT 8 document that Mr. Cooley speaks of with great passion, that it's a forgery. 'It's an outrageous slander against Jesus Christ.' They designated that and impounded it, Your Honor. They seized it from Mr. Lerma and they impounded it, the same document this they lambast the Washington Post for printing excerpts of.

Now, what's the explanation that we are offered in response when we questioned them at the deposition? Well, we are told that obviously Mr. Moxin does not know which documents are which.

We submit to this Court that if Mr. Moxin, a highly placed church attorney, could not make the distinction between which is which, how can Mr. Lerma be expected to act at his peril?