Warren McShane, President RTC:
number of pages of full OT's (KS-26)

Testimony under oath of Warren McShame, president of Religious Technology Center, on September 8 1995, in Courtroom C401, United States Courthouse, Denver, Colorado. Civil Action No. 95B2143, RTC v FactNet et. al (Judge Kane).
The full text is at Faegre & Benson.

Questions are asked by Mr. Kelley, FactNet's lawyer.

page 96 - 97:

Q. This is a declaration you filed in the case now pending in the Northern District of California where a seizure was made at the home of Mr. Dennis Erlich?

A. That's correct.

Q. And at paragraph 14 of that page 9?

A. I have it.

Q. Do you see that?

A. Yes.

Q. In that case, did you make this declaration, "To put this in perspective, the following is a list of advanced levels and the amount of pages of material contained in each level?"

A. That's what it says, yes.

Q. Could you tell us how many are in O.T. I?

A. It says 25 pages.

Q. O.T. II?

A. 300 pages.

Q. O.T. III?

A. 200 pages.

Q. And O.T. IV?

A. 63 pages.

Q. O.T. V?

A. 35 pages.

Q. O.T. VI?

A. Ten pages.

Q. And O.T. VII?

A. 80 pages.