Warren McShane, President RTC:
OT 4 - OT 7 are no longer in use (KS-25)

Cross-examination of Warren McShane, president of RTC, on September 12, 1995, in Courtroom C401, United States Courthouse, Denver, Colorado. Civil Action No. 95B2143, RTC v. FactNet et. al., Judge Kane.
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page 477 - 478:


Q. Mr. McShane, you testified I think that you have taken courses of O.T.s I think you said the old O.T. I through VII. Is that what you said? Straighten me out, please.

A. I have taken O.T. I, the old O.T. I., which I did back in 1975. II and III, and IV, V, VI, and VII at the same time period which is the old VI, V, VI, and VII. Since then I have done the new O.T. IV and the new O.T.V.

Q. The O.T. IV through VII, the old O.T. IV through VII, are they the ones that are on the attachments to the Fishman affidavit?

A. Yes, I believe so.

Q. They are no longer in use, are they?

A. Bits of them are. And they will be in the future.

Q. But at the present time for the most part O.T. IV through VII are not in use?

A . They are they are not delivered as they were, no, they are not.

Q. How about O.T. I, is that still in use in the form that it exists in the attachments to the Fishman affidavit?

A. O.T. I is revised, some of the same.