Warren McShane, President RTC:
we claim copyright to newspaper clippings (KS-22)

Cross-examination of Warren McShane, president of RTC, on September 11, 1995, in Courtroom C401, United States Courthouse, Denver, Colorado. Civil Action No. 95B2143, RTC v FactNet et. al (Judge Kane).
The full text is at Faegre & Benson.

Questions are asked by Mr. Kelly, FactNet's lawyer.

page 210 - 211:

Q. Now, you testified concerning Exhibit 28 which purports to contain all materials that are unpublished and in which the R.T.C. claims copyright; is that correct?

A. I am not sure which Exhibit 28 that is.

Q. That is your exhibit. I will ask Mr. Case to hand that to you, if he wouldn't mind.

A. Okay, I have it. Now, what's your question, Mr. Kelley?

Q. The question is isn't it true that that exhibit contains every piece of material you contend is infringing regardless of regardless of source?

A. Yes, we contend this is the materials that we found from the seizure that were infringing, yes, not all of it but it's most of it.

Q. Some of those include items that contain a very small portion of the work that's in issue; isn't that right?

A Yes, there are some we found certain bits on the hard drive because the hard drive was formatted, yes, just a little bit of that.

Q. Some of those contained things like newspaper articles that have small snippets and quotes from the works, do they not?

A. No, I don't believe so.

Q. Would you be surprised if among those there is the Milwaukee Journal article?

A. I wouldn't be surprised, no.