Spaink announcing a new Fishman homepage
18 Sep. 1995 (KS-3)

From: (Karin Spaink)
Newsgroups:, nl.misc, nlnet.misc, xs4all.general, alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Fishman available on another Dutch provider
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 17:46:10 GMT

Quite recently, CoS raided my provider XS4ALL, because one of their users (Fonss) had the Fishman Affidavit on his homepage. Although XS4ALL did not urge him to, Fonss did in fact remove the article (well, what would you do if the CoS was after you?)
Because XS4ALL refuses all responsability for their users' homepages, the CoS is currently sueing them. Almost immediately after the raid, another XS4ALL-user put the Affidavit on his homepage. The CoS are threatening to sue him too; so Johanw removed the document as well.

As far as Holland is concerned, I definitely do not want this to be a fight between CoS and XS4ALL only. There is more at stake than just this one provider, no matter how much I appreciate their policy. The CoS is not waging a war against a particular provider, but against general freedoms. So, in order to clear this issue, I got myself an account at Hollands biggest commercial Internet-provider, Planet Internet, just to put the Fishman Document there and see what would happen.
Planet Internet has much more money (they are half owned by the Dutch Postal Services) and a huge reservoir of lawyers. I sincerely hope that CoS will treat these two providers with equally bad manners and I have a hunch that Planet Internet will react the same way as XS4ALL has done.

So, to sum it up, the Fishman Affidavit is now available at:

Karin Spaink