ARSCC Awards SP6 to Karin Spaink
a.r.s., March 19, 1996

From: (Perry Scott)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: ARSCC Awards SP6 to Karin Spaink
Date: 19 Mar 1996 22:50:05 GMT
Message-ID: <4indmt$>

This was forwarded to me by the Awards Subcomittee secretary. [Actually, as a lowly SP2 assigned to party cleanup detail, I found this beer-soaked press release under a bowl of half-eaten clam chowder. I thought it looked important, so I scanned it in. If there are any typos, it's due to the Prozac spattered about the room by the EvILPsycHeZombieDRugLOrdZ Ritual of Purification.]

Congratulations, Karin!

Perry Scott
Co$ Escapee


After considerable deliberation (and because we ran out of beer and fried clam strips), the ARS Central Committee, in accordance with the guidelines found at, has awarded the grade of Suppressive Person, Level 6 to Karin Spaink for the successful defense of her Fishman Affidavit web page against the litigous cult.

Karin attested to SP6 and wrote up her BIG WIN last week in another thread, which was duly witnessed by several ARSCC Awards Subcommittee members. Some discussion among the ARSCC-AS members centered upon whether collecting court costs qualified for SP9, but the guidelines clearly state that the grades of SP7 and SP8 cannot be bypassed.

When asked how she would use her rediscovered abilities, Karin replied that she would publish a book about her ordeal. It would appear that Karin has her eyes on SP 6.2 already.

The ARSCC-AS also considered granting yet another Clam Cluster to Dennis Erlich's SP5 rating for his Clearwater TRO, but his current rating of SP 5.99 leaves little room for incremental improvement. Sorry, Dennis, you'll just have to win that case to get SP 6. A new bathrobe has been sent as a consolation prize.


ARS Central Committee
Islas Galapagos, Ecuador