Kurt Weiland is in town
a.r.s., January 8, 1996

From: kspaink@xs4all.nl (Karin Spaink)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: DUTCH report: Kurt Weiland is in town

Date: Mon, 08 Jan 1996 02:23:30 GMT

It is not over, yet (not that we thought it would be).

Yesterday, somewhere between 22" and 24", I received a fax from CoS trouble shooter Kurt Weiland, who apparently is in Amsterdam now. (Leisa Goodman left some time last week; he must be her follow-up.)

DT: 6 Jan 1995

Dear Karin Spaink,

My name is Kurt Weiland and I am, as you know, an official of the church of Scientology International. I am here in Holland with a colleague to finalize the preparations of the lawsuit.

Leisa Goodman told me of the meeting you nearly had. I am now getting in touch with you because I believe that such a meeting should take place. It is always better to establish a diologue and possibly resolve differences. As nothing has yet been filed in court, this is the right time for us to meet.

I also have with me proof of our copyright ownership in the form of registrations that have been certified by the United States Copyright Office, as well as other evidence at issue in the impending litigation. I would like to show this to you in the interest of avoiding the litigation if at all possible.

For these reasons I hope you will agree that a meeting should take place. Perhaps the best place would be at Felipe's restaurant over a cup of coffee.

Sincerely yours,


* * *

I wonder who the collegue is.

This afternoon I received a handwritten follow-up:

To: Karin Spaink
Fr: Kurt Weiland

Dear Ms Spaink,

I realized I forgot to include a phone nbr. in my fax to you last night. You can get hold of me at the Church in Amsterdam - ph: 6226215 or 6209317. I look forward to hearing grom you soon.



Karin Spaink

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