Lawsuit has been dropped!
a.r.s., December 12, 1995

From: (Karin Spaink)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: DUTCH REPORT: suit has been dropped!
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 14:50:41 GMT

Today we got a conclusive statement:

Scientology has DROPPED the case and is now considering whether to start another type of lawsuit.

Seems like they're stalling for time. Whether it's fear or strategy is not clear; probably it's a mixture of both. They have always said they were so convinced they'd win this one, it was a piece of cake they claimed...

This piece of cake has generated the worst press they've had in Holland for years, has gotten many people who'd earlier never really cared about the church in a state of outright antagonism, and has convinced many people that there's something rotten in the state of Org.

If they would just drop the proceedings alltogether, they would save face. Losing the secrecy of their levels is obviously better than losing all credibility, which is what is happening right now.

A new case will take at least a year before there's a verdict; probably longer. And all this time the Fishman Affidavit will be available from a hundred sites in Holland. Also, my guess is that it will have severe repercussions for them in the American lawsuits... Dropping the case here, and still suing in the US?

The press, the participants, the providers and the supporters consider this to be a Big Win (tm) for us.

We'll have a real nice farewell-party for Steven before he flies back! We all sure earned one. Cheers!

Karin Spaink

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