Article in Dutch newspaper about Newkid
a.r.s., November 20, 1995

From: (Karin Spaink)
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Subject: Re: Article in Dutch national newspaper about CoS case
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 00:05:02 GMT (Tilman Hausherr) wrote:
> (Felipe Rodriquez) wrote:

>> to be employed as computer-programmer on the US embassy. The
>> programmer, Jan Pieter Mante

> Wasn't he named "Snorri Helgarsson" ? Or are this two different people ?

His IRL-name is Jan Peter Mante (not Pieter). His net-names are 'Newkid' and 'Snorri Helgarsson'.

BTW: Jennifer called me and somebody at XS4ALL yet again last friday evening, claiming to have listened to tapes she had not yet heard, in which Newkid stated he sold e-mail Felipe and I sent him to CoS.

Judging from his recent e-mails to me and from his interview with the journalists from Trouw, Newkid still defends Jennifer. So the story is still very complicated - nobody knows whether Newkid was the trickster or the betricked. Both his stories and Jennifer's have serious holes in them and do not match.

The stange thing is that, although the newspaper article posted here is rather extensive, it says that CoS did not accept Jennifer's offer to sell things. Then how in the world did they got hold of Felipe's messages and mine?

Karin Spaink

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