Weird allegations
a.r.s., November 16, 1995

From: (Karin Spaink)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Your_Name@Dianetics.som
Date: Thur, 16 Nov 1995 00:11:38 GMT (RichieB) wrote:
> On 15 Nov 1995 11:51:03 GMT, Jet ( wrote:

>> It is not the same, but very similar to the recent tactics used in Holland case,
>> where Karin Spaink, a freelance journalist conspiring with XS4ALL co-
>> founder,Phillip Rodriguez, sent out over 100 e-mail messages urging users
>> to unlawfully post some of the churches copyrighted materials, which she

>> persuaded some to do by promoting that XS4ALL would win any case brought
>> against them by the Church.

> I keep hearing about "over 100 email messages" and I'm wondering where the
> hell you would get that information, Jet.

I wonder too. I mean, I did sent out an e-mailed request that people look into the situation and asked them to consider joining the protest. And indeed I sent this message to over a hundred people - why would I deny that? Indeed, that message is now on my homepage, among a collection of messages I have posted to a.r.s.

But in as far as I know, that was perfectly legal and nothing similar to 'conspiring'. Funny thing is, Andrew Milne referred to that message before I put it on my homepage. I wonder where he got that information from?
Also, CoS Holland has a collection of e-mails I exchanged wih one of the other participants (Newkid) and with Felipe Rodriquez. But those messages have never been published. Yet CoS handed them over to a journalist, accusing me and Felipe of conspiracy, and making it appear as if Felipe and I were partipants in an alleged 'swindle'. You should have seen the press-bulletins CoS sent out yesterday.
CoS claims they got those e-mails from a 'female informer'. Neither Felipe nor I know who she is, but we have some suspicions. (See my posting about CoS's first serious effort at Dead Agenting.)

> Did OSA hire someone to crack Karin's account? Did someone read her
> email without her permission? If so, that would be illegal and your
> knowledge of it would make you an accessory to the crime.

I tend to believe that CoS gave somebody a lot of money to get somebody to comply and betray her friend. I am however not sure.

> Did someone in OSA just make it up? Is it a flat-out lie?

No - it's a complicated lie. Partly true, partly lie.

> Which is it, Jet? How do you know what's in Karin's outgoing email?

I wonder too. I might add that all journalists I have spoken with recognise this ploy as an effort at Dead Agenting, and that many newsgroup-readers in Holland are outraged at what has happened. They realise they are witnessing Dead Agenting in full swing. Judging by the reactions I received so far, it mainly serves to strengthen their dislike of CoS.

Karin Spaink

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