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In OT 2, ("OT COURSE - SECTION TWO - INSTRUCTIONS") Hubbard gives instructions for the 'whole track tables', that is: the timeline of trillions of years of memory Scientologists claim to have. There are supposedly ten of them. In the following I will try to summarise it, because my lawyer, after having finally having seen evidence handed over to him on behalf of RTC, has advised me that including the full text is at this time against my interests. So be it. I therefore will give you this summary, taken from Michael Robinson's article Operating Thetan Summary and Analysis. The tables are permutations; actual quotes from OTII are on gret. Your comments are kindly invited. Please correct any errors and tell me about any information that I may have missed.

According to Hubbard, there are ten of these 'whole track' tables or time lines. Each time line contains only one GPM or 'Goals Problems Mass' (according to Martin Hunt's dictionary: "a supposed mass which develops when one is thwarted from reaching a Goal by a Problem or stop.") Each set should be run separately:

The GPM found in each set are as follows: ELECTRICAL, TOCKY, BIG BEING, HOUSE, PSYCHO, BANKY, FORERUNNER, BASIC-BASIC, BASIC, THE COMMAND, LOWER LP, LP, and BODY GPM. In addition to these GPM, there are a number of Implant Incidents which have no line plot, as follows: THE ARROW, DOUBLE ROD, WOMAN, WHITE BLACK SPHERE, HOT COLD, LAUGHTER CALM, and DANCE MOB.

The GPM in these "whole track tables" are supposedly the residual mass of incidents that happened untold numbers of lifetimes ago to the individual's immortal "thetan". Approximate dates for each of the incidents are provided, although some, such as "about trillions 214th Power years ago" for the BASIC BASIC GPM, challenge credulity regardless.

The version of Level Two reproduced in the Fishman Declaration is incomplete. A summary of the available GPM follows:


    The purpose of the ELECTRICAL GPM was to "CONVINCE a thetan he should think of himself as an electrical being". Thus, the end word of the permutation is not a word, but a shock. The permutation for the ELECTRICAL GPM is as follows:

         | Create   |    |    (shock) |
         | Destroy  |    | no (shock) |
         | Love     |
         | Hate     |
         | Be       |
         | Disown   |
         | Use      |
         | Condemn  |
         | Seize    |
         | Escape   |  
  2. TOCKY

    In the TOCKY GPM, there is a swing of "Sun" from left to right which gives a read after each item. The permutation for the TOCKY GPM is as follows:

         | Create   |       Sun Swing |
         | Abide    |    no Sun Swing |
         | Enjoy    |
         | Welcome  |
         | Share    |
         | Keep     |
         | Hold     |
         | Exploit  |
         | Deplore  |
         | Skip     |
         | Continue |
         | Forget   |

    Also included are the following two cryptic commands:

    "That's what you get for making this Universe."
    "Get Out-"

    No explanation is given for what is "that", who exactly is "you", which universe is "this Universe", nor exactly "out" of what or where one is to get. Either it is expected that all these ambiguities will be clarified at the time one runs this GPM, or that the ambiguities are irrelevant, and it is sufficient simply to run the GPM without this information.


    The BIG BEING GPM is associated with the image of an explosion and the subsequent appearance of a BIG BEING (thus the name) in the sky.

    The permutation for the BIG BEING GPM is as follows:

         | You  |    | Must      |    | Survive |
         | He   |    | Mustn't   |
         | They |    | Should    |
         | We   |    | Shouldn't |
         | All  |    | Can       |
                     | Can't     |

    This is followed by another explosion.


    The only identification of this GPM is the possible appearance of a house or internal room.


    In the space of 1/10th of a second, an image appears of two back-to-back targets, the front white, and the back black, with an arrow centered on each of the targets (the two arrows thus aimed at each other).

  6. WOMAN

    The figure of a woman appears for a few hours. Nothing else.


    An image of a sphere and a pole, black in front, white in back.


    For 1 1/8 seconds an image appears of a split pole, cold in front, hot in back.


    For 7 1/8ths of a second, in a cave, screams of very wild laughter come from the rear (then front) of a split pole, while calm ("a frozen numbness") comes from the front (then rear), giving a sensation of total disagreement.

    "The trick is to conceive of both at the same time."


    In the incident proper, one is stuck on a pole and trying to get off it. After this, a chanting mob dances around. The Pre-OT is supposed to get the phrases the mob chants while running this incident.

    However, the duration is only 7/8ths of a second, so it is not clear how much of the chanting the Pre-OT will be able to "get".


    A long shiny black rod moves from left to right, develops a split in the middle, becoming a white rod revolving forward and a black rod revolving backward. Both rods then disappear forward and up.

    According to L. Ron Hubbard:

    "There is a tremendous feeling of EXCITEMENT attached to this incident. It has a sort of feeling attached to it as if it was being squashed between the two revolving rods."


    This is actually a series of 5 GPM's consisting of explosions inside ones head, "where the Thetan is."


    Contained in the lower bank are 48 pairs (of which 8 are found in the Fishman Declaration). All 48 affirmative items are first run, then the negative items, than each pair together. The pair schematic is as follows:

         Affirmative:  To build a _______ingness machine.
         Negative:     Not to _______ yourself.

    The eight listed items are: postulate, think, ideanize (ideafyingness), reason, solve, order, space, and time.

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