1) Tonja Burden: affidavit, 1980

RPF at FLAG Clearwater, Florida in 1977


2) Hana Whithfield: affidavit, 1989

RPF at Flag, Clearwater, Florida in 1978


3) Dennis Erlich: testimony, 7-3-1996

RPF at Flag, Clearwater, Florida in 1978


4) Ann Rosenblum: testimony 19.?

RPF at Flag, Clearwater, Florida, in 1978


5) Monica Pignotti: testimony "My nine lives in Scientology" 1980

RPF on board Apollo, in 1974


6) Larry Wollersheim: affidavit 4-2-1980

RPF on board Excalibur 1974?


7) Stacy Young: affidavit,13-10-1994

RPF at PAC , Los Angeles, California, in 1982


8) David Mayo: affidavit, 14-10-1994

RPF at "Happy Valley" near Hemet, California, in 1980


9) André Tabayoyon: affidavit,4-4-1994

RPF at " Happy Valley" near Hemet, California, in 1987


10) Mental control techniques listing used in the RPF

André Tabayoyon: affidavit, 4-4-1994


Testimonies extracts from ex adepts victims from physical and mental abuses on them and/or on others when assigned in the Scientology's gulags called:



1) Tonja burden's Affidavit 25-1-1980, Las Vegas, Nevada

RPF at Flag, 1977


"... In the RPF you were labeled 'treasonous' and forced to work 18 hours a day.7 days a week and oftentimes received only 'rice and beans' and water. During this time I personally observed a person chained to pipes in the boiler room in the Fort Harrison building for a period of weeks. In the RPF I saw people screaming and crying during the constant auditing on the E-meter. RPF prisoners were forced to undergo auditing in order to audit out their evil purposes against Hubbard and Scientology. I cried virtually the whole time I was in the RPF."


Tonja Burden had been working in the SO since she was 13 years old and did not attend regular school. She was there simply because her parents had been recruited by the SO. Tonja escaped Flag RPF in November 1977. She was 17 and illeterate. She was kidnapped by 2 Hubbard's agents from whom she managed to escape. Tonja filed a 16 millions $ suit in April 1980 alleging she was used as slave labour by Hubbard in the CMO and was kidnapped a second time after she escaped.* This was the case which forced Hubbard to go into hiding from Gilman in 1980. The requested damages rose in 1985 to 45 millions $*

*Ref: Who's who in Scientology. Lamont. Actualised in February 1997. (Newsgroup)



2) Hana whithfield's affidavit, 8-8-1989, Los Angeles, Cal

RPF at Flag, Clearwater, Florida 1978.



... RPF members at that time were completely segregated from "normal" staff and slept, lived and often ate in the Fort Harrison garage in the midst of continual fumes. They were not allowed to talk to, mix with or eat with "normal" staff. They wore old, tattered, ripped up navy jump suits or boiler suits and looked like derelicts from skid row. Women were not allowed to use any makeup or have any hairdos. No jewelry was alowed. Even in the incredible hot and humid Florida summers, women were not allowed to wear shot cut-offs but had to wear longer shorts or skirts or long trousers. No clothing lighter than the heavy material the jump suits were made from could be worn initially. RPF members had to run all the time.They were not allowed to walk. They had to run while doing their cleaning assignments in bathromms and toilets, while doing the garbage details or while going up and down the 12 flights of stairs in the Fort Harrison building carrying buckets, brooms and heavy cleaning equipment, and sometimes buckets full of heavy construction material. RPF members were not allowed to use the elevators, not even the service elevator. To prevent zoning, health and other city inspectors from seeing the RPF conditions as they really existed, all RPFers were practiced and skilled in transforming their normal RPF sleeping area into what looked like a regular furniture storage space, and doing so in a very short period of time. I often wished that someone from the city would spring a surprise visit on the Fort Harrison kitchen or garage or nursery but it never occured. This is how we really lived in the RPF. Some of us slept on mattresses on the bare cement floor. Some had crude bunk beds. There was no place for clothes, so we lived out of suitcases and bags which were kept on the bare floors. Some privacy was maintained by hanging sheets up between bunks beds and between floor mattresses. The women and men had separate bathrooms and toilets but they were very small. We were not allowed to shower longer than 30 seconds. We had time only to run through the shower and out the other end. There was no spare time for talk or relaxation. We awoke at 6.30 A.M. or earlier at times, did hard labor and heavy construction workand cleaning until late afternoon. After a quick shower and change of clothing, we had to audit each other and "rehabilitate" ourselves until 10.30 P.M. or later each evening.There wer no days off, no vacations. We worked seven days a week, four weeks a month. We ate our meals in the garage or at times in the dining rooms AFTER normal meals had ended. Our food consisted of leftovers from staff! On occasions which seemed like Christmas, we were able to prepare our selves fresh meals if leftovers were insufficient. The RPF maintained a very strict reform code which tolerated no insubordination or resistance of any kind whatsoever. Any resistance of such was dealt with by immediate push ups or running up and down the garage inumerable times. The slightest infraction earnedhard and harshed penalties. Every rule had to be followed regardless of its correctness or applicability at any given point in time.


This is what she says about RPF's RPF.


Cerrtain effractions caused the person responsible to be assigned to the RPF's RPF, a place in the lower boiler room under the Fort Harrison Hotel, among the boilers and hot waters pipes which rambled and hissed 24 hours a day. The place was only dimly lit. It consisted of interconnecting-spaces through which one had to crawl on hands and knees at times past or underneath huge pipes and massive 10 foot high boilers. It had a dark, forbidding, somewhat scary place. One of my buddies was assigned to the RPF's RPF for two months for refusing to divulge confidential information for which she had been bonded in the Guardian's Office. She was kept in that space excommunicado for the entire time, with limited bathing and toilet privileges, all the time being threatened and verbally harassed by RPF speriors. She finally emerged a broken, silent, sullen person who soon after managed to escape from the RPF and the Fort Harrison Hotel. Her name was Lynn Froyland.


..." Towards the end of 1978, I finally escaped. I left the RPF without approval and flew to New-York to friends. But within a week, the senior Ethics person at Flag, Tom Provenzano, located me and by phone threatened me with a Suppressive Person declare and with being sued, followed and never being left in peace again for the rest of my life if I did not immediately return to Clearwater. I broke down completely. I flew back to the RPF, but only after Provenzano had promised me I could speak with him about my assignment to the RPF when I returned. Of course, no such thing occured. I had no idea that his"promise" was made solely to get me back to Clearwater. Once back to the RPF I succumbed. I returned to working and running and sweating and pain. After a year, I finally "graduated". I was a subdued quiet, obedient robot, a far more subservient and compliant one than at any time previously.

... I desperatly hunted for a way out of my situation. I desperatly wanted time to sleep, rest, think and above all, escape from the madness of the world I was in. I had no one to go to if I left, no money to go anywhere with and nowhere to go to anyway. My family lived overseas. I had no means to get to them and they had no means to assist me."


Hana Whithfield lived 15 years in the SO from 1967 to 1982. She originally was a nurse from South Africa. She was the Ethics Officer on board the "Avon River" and then promoted Captain directly under Hubbard's orders. Her first affidavit is very instructive about her experience in the cult. She was assigned to the RPF at Flag because she was critical of Hubbard and the SO.

Hana Whithfield left the SO three years later in 1982. It was'nt until 1984 that she discovered the menacing side of the cult. She had to follow a medical treatment for her headaches and dental treatment as well for years. She wrote a second affidavit where she reveals the harassments of Fair Game she's been subjected to for years...

3) Dennis Erlich's testimony, 7-3-1977 on WMNF - Radio Activity

RPF at Flag, Clearwater, Florida,1978

Extract from the transcript:

Rob Lorey:..." You were locked up by the church?

Dennis Erlich: Yeah, in the sub-basement of the Fort Harrison Hotel. I was placed in a cage, under guard, for about 10 days. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone; I wasn't allowed to phone anyone; I was a prisoner there.

RL: Why were you locked up?

DE: I made a joke about the RPF_ the Rehabilitation Project Force_ which is their- their "re-education" work camp program, where it's sort of like- like in Russia, where they used to send people to work camps, to re-educate them, and they have this thing called the RPF where you get up - tou're segregated. When I was in it, we slept in the garage, in the parking structure of the Fort Harrison Hotel, on the third floor. And you know, we had to breathe the exhaust of fumes from whatever cars and get woken up in the middle of the night, and we were up at the crack of dawn, you know, scrubbingtoilets and dumping trash, and we worked until late at night and it was, you know, basically a prisoner program.

RL: ..." Are you the only one that's been held against your will at the "church of Scientology"in Clearwater?

DE: Oh, no by any means. No, no, it's sort of a standard practice for them to incarcerate people who object to things- object to activities that are going on- so when I was in the basement, there was a woman- I can give her name; she was Lynn Froyland- and she was chained in the basement when I was there. And I have witnesses. There are other witnesses to that. There are people who have been kidnapped and taken, you know, all the way across the country and locked in rooms and- no it's sort of a standard practice.

... Scientology basically is an occult practice that deals mostly with exorcism; that's a fraud; that people are locked up and tortured. I have posted a bunch of this documentation to the internet newsgroup alt. religion .scientology, and I think I poked a hole in the- in their balloon, as far as their scam working."


Dennis Erlich had been the Chief Cramming Officer at the Clearwater headquarters of Scientology for about 15 years. When he refused to redo an "RPF program" he left in 1982.

Note: Hana Whithfield confirms this testimony; she had seen Lynn Froyland at Flag in the same year,1978.


4) Ann Rosenblum's testimony

RPF at Flag, Clearwater, Florida, 1978.


... " Auditing in the RPF almost destroyed me. For one thing, I had trouble going " Backtrack" into past lifes. After I finally learned "past track remedies" where you say anything that pops into your brain, like monsters or fighting space wars, or whatever, my imagination ran wild and I began to have two or three pictures popping up at one time, I wouldn't know actually which one was actually a past life or if it was my imagination or if they were all past lifes but at different times, or what. I was " run" on stuff I'd already been run on. I had 3-4 drug rundowns, "re-verifications" of my method 1, 35 hours Op-pro-by-dup (a process where you walk back and forth examining and describing a book and a bottle, hours on end for weeks), etc, I was getting upset and the more upset I became, the more I was subjected to auditing. As my auditing program" deteriorated, I became more of a security threat and they then put me on security checks to go over all my overts and withholds. I finally just shut up, submitted, and let them audit whatever they wanted on me.

This led me to Expanded Dianetics. This is where you audit out or "run out" all your "evil purposes", and evil intentions and handle your "Rock Slams" (a particular reaction on the E-Meter that shows a person is completely psycho) Evil purposes that you run out are "to destroy" or "to kill" etc, I must have run dozens of these evil purposes, then we turned to my R/S handling. By now it's somewhere around the beginning of 1978, I think. I really have very little sense of time here- for one thing, one day was just like the next. There was no variation. Week-ends were the same as week-days. It's all sort of big lump to me- especially after I started on my Expanded Dianetics and my brain really started to come apart. I was in sort of a cloud or a daze most of the time, that's the only way I can describe it.

My R/S handling I think was the point where my brain wasn't just falling apart, but it started to get fried. I was running out all these evil purposes connected to the R/ses, and I started spouting out the weirdest things like," to be somebody else", "to blow up a planet","commit suicide", "to never grow up","to kill myself", " to destroy bodies",". The list was endless. My brain was just getting fried on all of this. I mean I had to have been the most evil and craziest person that ever existed. I don't know how to describe what happened other than my brain was frying up. I felt like I was in a daze half of the time. I'd do things, sort of like watching myself doing them but not realizing it, as it was somebody else, except that I know it was me. I'd scream at my auditor, I'd throw down the cans to the E-meter that I was holding, I'd refuse to get auditing. I just created a real scene. So, of course, I ended up in ethics, and had a"body guard" put on me.

This whole thing was a period of weeks, I think. But actually, in the state I was in, it could have been 2 days or it could have been 2 months.

... Then I walked out of the garage, jumped over the wall, and just kept walking. No one noticed me, I don't think anyone knew I had left Sick Bay, so I was not guarded all the time.

I walked as a zombie for about 15 minutes, at least I think it was about 15 minutes. I began to realize I had just jumped over the wall. I was in serious trouble. I was petrified and wanted to return but if I did, I would be under guard again and placed in the RPF's RPF. I would also again be placed on their Bad Indicators (BI) list, which consisted of people who were under guard at all times. I was on the B.I. list when I was taken off the C/S post, except no one knows I left the sick room, so they hadn't assigned a guard to me yet.

I'm not sure where I was, somewhere on Fort Harrison Avenue, I think. I sat down on a stairway to figure out what to do. Then I remembered I had made that phone call to get my friend's number, so I walked to a 7-11 and called her. I received directions to her house. It was approximately 4-5 miles. I walked it, and when I got there, there were 4-5 guys waiting for me. I completely broke down when I saw them, crying and carrying on. I told them I wanted to talk to my friend alone. I was pretty incoherent talking to my friend. I wasn't making too much sense by this point, and the tears were just flowing. I kept crying about how I couldn't handle the RPF anymore. That, it was not them but it was me; I said that I needed Expanded Dianetics and I had to get myself handled because I was psychotic, but I couldn't get it handled while in the RPF because I was too "restimulated"; and therefore, I would never get out of the RPF. I was just rambling. Meanwhile, my friend was convincing me to return to the RPF. She said I would be a fool not to go back because I'd have such a "freeloader bill" that I could never pay it back. She told me of a friend of ours who had left Scientology, and then was killed in a motorcycle accident. If I left I'd probably pull in a "motivator" like that (Scientology believes that if you do something bad, then something bad will happen back to you-called a motivator). Finally, I agreed to go back, and route out" of the "Sea org".

So I was escorted back by the guys, and put under immediate guard. I think by now it's about the beginning of August. The next few weeks until I actually left are pretty hazy to me- sort of like mass of confusion. I know I got a " Court of Ethics" and a "Committee of Evidence" and a " Fitness Board". All of these were ethics actions showing how bad I was for wanting to leave. If I began to"doubt" about Scientology the MAA woult tell me that I was not doing the formulas right and to go back and do them again. I was slowly becoming crazy.

Meanwhile I was under guard and refused to work most of the time, I was a real "basket case". I finally reached a point where they would let me sit and do nothing, or work on my condition formulas all day long whith someone watching me. Sometimes they would have 2 people watching me. One of the MAA's tried to throw me to the RPF's RPF, but I screamed and yelled that I would "bite" him if he touched me. So they just let me sit, except for hassling me during the day about being a freeloader". They would say:"Don't you think you should do a little work, at least to pay for the food you're eating?" I usually replied with a "no". Sometimes I agreed to work. I think they were at a point they just didn't know what to do with me anymore.

I finally announced that if I didn't leave I would become insane.

... On September 2, 1978, I boarded an airplane to Colorado with pre-paid tickets from my parents.



Ann Rosenblum was a CMO executive; she held an important post in West Headquarters, La Quinta, California. In the RPF, she indeed received many a sec-check. Among those security checks, she says in her testimony she received a special security check written by the CMO on everything she had been involved with or knew as a Messenger. How ironical it was for her, since she had herself written a classified Confessional of limited distribution! On the 3 March 1977, just a few months before her being assigned to the RPF, she wrote a sec-check, 231 questions long, which she signed by her name and post: Commodore's Messenger and approved by Hubbard...

Ann Rosenblum was just 23 in 1978. She managed to reconstruct herself partly because of her parents' love.

Her 15 pages testimony on the RPF is moving and very complete.


5) Monica Pignotti's testimony in 1989:

"My nine lives in Scientology"

RPF on board Apollo, 1974


The Lesson of the RPF:

In January 1975, I was once again on the RPF. This time, however, it was not like the RPF in 1974 that I had been through the first time. This group of RPFers did not pull together to help each other through and it was not so easy for me to get out. A new feature of the RPF had been invented called the RPF's RPF, for people who got into trouble on the RPF. A person assigned to the RPF's RPF had to work deep down in the engine room of the ship all day, cleaning out bilges and was supposed to sleep in the chain locker. No communication with anyone was allowed exept for the RPF's ethics officer. The first person assigned to the RPF's RPF was an executive from London named Ron Hopkins. I caught occasional glimses of him on his way to and from the engine room. He was covered with muck from the bilges and looked miserable. He still had a chest cough from a bout of pneumonia he was obviously still recovering from.

... Life on the RPF was hard, beginning each day at 5.30. We were divided into groups of 5-7 people. The women's team cleaned all the heads ( bathrooms) on the ship, certain passageways and lounges, such as the aft lounge. Cleaning the heads didn't mean just swishing some toilet bowl cleaner around and going on to the next one. We had to scrub down the entire bathroom, including all the bulkheads(walls) and ceilings. After we cleaned an area, it had to pass a white glove inspection. If the glove came up dirty, the person who cleaned that area had to run laps from bow to stern of the ship(about 1/5 of a mile each). One time, when my senior wasn't satisfied the way I cleaned a bathromm, she ordered me to " take a lap". I protested because I thought she was being unfair and her reply was: " Don't Q&A with me. Take 2 laps." I objected again and she said:"Take 4 laps!" This went on until I was up to 10 laps, which I eventually had to do. Another time, I was ordered to run laps and I walked them instead. The person in charge of the RPF at the time, Homer Schomer, caught me walking and ran after me. I tried to run away from him, but he was too fast for me. He caught me by physically grabbing me and I ended up having to do more laps. The lesson we were to learn on the RPF was to obey orders without question, regardless of how we felt about it or who was giving the orders. This was a lesson that I was, obviously very unwilling to learn. I had not learned it my first time on the RPF, so I was back a second time. Blind obedience violated everything I had ever valued. I had thought that Scientology was about independence and self-determinism, not blind obedience to authority.

... I felt desolated. There seemed to be no hope for me getting out of the RPF. I can remember on day when I completely broke down.I went down to the lower hold where the RPF classroom was and cried like I have never cried before in my life. It felt like I was never going to stop. I felt totally out of control. Finally, Ron Hopkins went to the medical officer and got me some Cal mag which was supposed to calm me down so I could get some rest. It seemed to work for a few hours, but the next day, my grief came back. I went through several days wher I couldn't stop crying.I was in a deep state of mourning. ...On an emotional level, I had come to the realization that Scientology was a sham, but only on an emotional level. I had no words to describe my loss at the time. There was no exit counsellor or deprogrammer around to help me see what was really happening. All I knew was that I felt worse than I ever had in my entire life.

David Mayo noticed the state I was in and seemed very concerned, but not even the senior case supervisor could fix what was wrong with me.I felt I had lost everything.I had come with great dreams and visions about what could be and I had worked hard to make those dreams a reality.

... I had lost my ability to be angry. All I could do was cry. As unhappy as I was, I believed that life outside of Scientology would be much worse.

... And so it came to pass that on May 26 1975, I was assigned to the RPF's RPF. I spent very long days down in the engine room, cleaning foul smelling muck out of the bilges and then painting them. Fortunately, Ron Hopkins showed me some mercy and I didn't have to sleep in the chain locker. I was assigned a condition of ennemy and to get out of it, I had to write up the formula, which was "find out who you really are". I wrote the formula and submitted it to Ron Hopkins, but he wouldn't accept what I had written. I didn't know what he wanted me to write. For days, I struggled to find an answer that would satisfy him. Who was I? At that point, I really didn't know. If I had known who I really was I would have let them throw me out and gotten as far away from the ship and everyone aboard as I could. But leaving Scientology was a possibility that I was not willing to consider. I felt that leaving Scientology would be worse than whatever hell I was going through on the ship.

I spent 5 days on the RPF's RPF, but it seemed much longer. I wasn't allowed to communicate with anyone except Ron Hopkins. I determined that I would hang onto what little sanity I had left. The way I did this was to shut off all my emotions. It was a matter of survival. I finally wrote up my formula to Ron's satisfaction and got me out of the RPF's RPF. I had been broken after a long hard struggle. When Ron Hopkins said:" that's it, you're assigned to the RPF's RPF on May 26, 1975 in the aft lounge of the Flagship Apollo, something snapped in me and I no longer had any urge to fight back.

I was no longer angry; I was no longer sad; I was no longer happy; I felt nothing. I simply did as I was told.

At long last, I had learned the lesson of the RPF.

... Up to this point, I have not been at a loss for words in describing my experiences but now I feel myself feeling that I have little to say about the period that followed my being released from RPF's RPF. Perhaps this is because ther was very little of me during that time. My cult identity had taken over and I had become a Rondroid, a robot for LRH. I had stopped causing trouble and did as I was told."



Monica Pignotti lived in Scientology 6 years from 1971 to 1976. She was only 18 in 1971 when she was working as a staff auditor in Salt Lake City Mission. In 1973 she joined the SO at AOLA; she was already OT 3 and a Class VI auditor. As her reputation of being a good auditor was growing, Mary Sue Hubbard (the guru's wife) invites her personally to go to the Flagship Apollo where Hubbard lived. That was considered to be an honor. She lived there 2 years and witnessed unbeleivable incidents onboard the ship. She told her experience very accuratly in her excellent testimony. She was arbitrarely assigned to the RPF twice and once to the RPF's RPF onboard the ship.

When she finally emerged from those terrifying emprisonments Monica stayed a little while at the Flag land base after the Flagship had been sold in 1975. She held against her wishes the post of D of P at AOLA in May 1976. In August 1976, after she was threatened to have a Com Ev (equivalent to a court martial) she took a bus to Michigan the day after. She went to her mother's and during 9 months, she did nothing else than trying to understand what had happened and to adapt herself to her new life. She went to the Michigan University and passed a BA, then a Masters Degree in Social Work, passed her licensing exam (CSW) and is now a certified mental health professional in New York.(Since update August1996).


6) Larry D. Wollersheim's affidavit, 4-2-1980

RPF onboard "Excalibur" 1974?



... Finally the cult assigned me to the RPF, which meant I was evil and that I had to rehabilitate myself. That experience was the most degrading experience of my life. The RPF on onboard the "Excalibur" was moored at San Pedro, California. We were emprisoned except when we had to clean the ship decks which was a small area. The food was so bad that a person called Bill Yaoude was hospitalized because of malnitrition. I spent my days wondering why I was so evil and rebel to the cult orders and to cult policies. They were "saving mankind" and I was then against the only organization working to save the planet! I was audited and corrected on past auditing again and again, until I could no longer take it. Then I secretely planned to jump overboard. When I tried to do it, I was caught and maintained onboard until the Ethics officer came and told me what would happen to me if I left; I would be declared an SP and in treason. I bought the threat and went back to the RPF. Long weeks afterwards, I was freed from the RPF and told I was put there on a mistake".


Larry D. Wollersheim has been suing Scientology since 1985. When he launched his civil case he placed the OT levels in the court record. (Lamont.) He won a 2.5 $ which was never paid by the cult. Instead, Scientology has incessantly been appealing and taking advantage of the justice system to continue to harass Wollersheim and not pay him. In the Net, it is commonly referred to "Wollersheim the V"!

Julia Darcondo tells in her book ;Voyage Au Centre de la Secte * published in 1987, how she helped Larry to escape from Copenhagen RPF. Larry could not endure to sufferring through an other RPF and managed to escape. ..." He had run right in front of him, on the deserted streets. He then saw me carrying my suitcase. He knew me from sight and that I was a public from Paris Org. He then staked his all, risking his being denounced. His expression was still charged with terror." (extract from Julia Darcondo's book)

* Copyrights of that book were mysteriously bought by the cult!.


7) Stacy young's affidavit, 13-10-1994

RPF at PAC, Los Angeles, California, 1982




...177) " Miscavige charged me with being an agent who had been sent in to destroy Scientology. He claimed that I was working for Michael Flynn, an attorney who was successfully litigating against Scientology at that time. He ordered me to submit to what was known as a " gang-bang" sec check. Two very large, strong men, André Tabayoyon and Rick Aznaran, locked me in a room and interrogated me for hours. During the interrogation, they screamed and swore at me. They accused me of all sorts of crimes against Scientology. They demanded that I confess to being an enemy agent.

178) Miscavige had also ordered me to do the " Running Program" as part of the requirements for getting off the RPF. This consisted of running around an orange pole for 12 hours a day. I was supposed to do that until I had some sort of realization about what was wrong with me, whereupon, presumably, I would stop being critical of him.

179) After one of the gang-bang sec check sessions, I was extremely upset. I was not paying sufficiently careful attention to where I was placing my feet as I ran around the orange pole. I ran straight-legged into a pothole about a foot deep and smashed one of my sacroiliac disks. This put me flat on my back. I was unable to walk. I was under orders from a doctor not to move because he thought ther was a danger that I might suffer paralysis from movement before the swelling in the disk subsided. I paid for the doctor myself, since Miscavige had ordered that no one give me any assistance whatsoever and, indeed, I was not paid at all for several months on the RPF.

180) Despite my medical condition, diagnosed by a Scientologist doctor, Miscavige issued orders that I be sent to Florida to get me as far away from my husband as possible. Miscavige said he was afraid I would turn my husband against him. A Commodore's Messenger burst into my room one evening and ordered me to pack immediately so that I could catch a flight to Clearwater that night. I was to be transferred to the RPF at the Flag Land Base, another Scientology compound. I protested, she continued to insist that I get up until I was finally able to get her on the phone with the doctor, who told her the church would be responsible if I ended up paralysed.

181) Although Miscavige allowed me to remain in Los Angeles, I was imprisoned, under guard, on the seventh floor of the building, so that I could not escape and reach my husband. We were not allowed to see each other at all for 3 months and even our letters to each other were intercepted. Neither of us knew what had happened to the other and it was agonizing for both of us. I was under threat of expulsion and I believed that if I were expelled I would never see my husband again. I was deathly afraid that Miscavige would lie to my husband about me and turn him against me. I finally convinced Miscavige that I was not a threat to him, and my husband and I were allowed to see each other again. Miscavige Rules Via the Sea Organization: There is No Corporate Integrity.

182) Horror stories like this could be told by any Scientology staff member who had worked in close proximity with Miscavige. The only people who will talk about him, however, are those who have left, because as long as they are inside he virtually holds the power of life and death over them. He can separate them from the spouses, separate them from their children, keep them from sleeping, keep them from eating anything but rice and beans, imprison them for years in the prison camps known as the RPF. Miscavige's power is absolute, and it has nothing to do with corporate boundaries. As did Hubbard before him, he wields his power via the Sea Organization, which is an inincorporated, fiercely dedicated, group of Scientologists. It is the Sea Org that actually runs all of Scientology."


Stacy Young held several executive posts during the 15 years she worked in the SO; from 1975 to 1989. In direct contact with the new guru called Miscavige whom she was the scapegoat, her testimony is extremely revealing, all the more interesting since she held key posts in Management; Office of the Guardien (OSA) and ASI.




8) David Mayo's affidavit, 14-10-1994

RPF at "Happy Valley" near Hemet, California, 1982.



... 14) On August 29, 1982, David Miscavige, and others, acting on the orders of L. Ron Hubbard, kidnapped me and subsequently kept me captive and physically and mentally abused me for 6 months during this period, Miscavige, an officer and director of RTC, told me in the presence of Vicki Aznaran, President of RTC, Mark Yaeger, Commanding Officer, CMO INT of CSI that if I ever escaped, he would personally see to it that the ressources of the Church of Scientology would destroy my character and reputation internationally. During that 6 month period of captivity, I was forced to run around a tree in the desert in temperatures of up to 110 ° for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 3 months. I was under tremendous coercion and duress, I was refused medical and dental treatment (after escaping activity I lost 6 teeth and required thousands of dollars of dental work to save the rest of my teeth) I was not permitted to make or receive phone calls and all letters I wrote were read by Scientology security guards. I was awakened during the night and interrogated (mainly by Jesse Prince) In early February 1983, I was told by Rick Aznaran, Director of Security, RTC, (husband of Vicki Aznaran, President of RTC) to get the idea of leaving out of my head because I would never leave the property alive.

...17) I was in extreme danger and under substancial duress during the 6 month period of captivity and torture. The duress affected me even after my escape. "


David Mayo was Senior C/S Int until 1982 and an initial trustee of RTC. He had worked directly with Hubbard, was his former Senior aide. He says he was the primary source of Nots and Solo Nots, he was Hubbard's auditor on Nots. Thorically, he was the testimentary heir as far as the cult technology was concerned, but he was arbitrarely taken out, along with many others, by David Miscavige after a power struggle in which he won absolute control over the multinational cult. David Mayo headed a breakaway mouvement called "The Advanced Ability Center" in Santa Barbara until it was closed in 1986. David and Julie Mayo have been living in the Dominican Rebublic since 1988. Needless to say that they have been constantly and outrageously harassed ever since they left Scientology. In August 1994, David Mayo was even sent in jail in Santo Domingo accused of "practising Scientology without a licence"; he was released the day after without being charged since he had not committed any crime*.


*Ref: Julie Mayo's posting on Newsgroup.


9) André Tabayoyon's affidavit, 4-4-1994

RPF at " Happy Valley" near Hemet, California, 1987



..." 72) In 1987, I observed Miscavige order Vicki Aznaran incarcerated at a place called Happy Valley. Happy Valley was a ranch 11 miles away from the Gold base near Hemet. It was then one of the RPF Scientology correction and detention facilities. Vicki had been the Senior Executive in RTC. Miscavige won a power struggle and took her off that post. He ordered her into the RPF which was part of Gold, a unit in CSI.

73) I was at the Happy Valley complex when Vicki was driven up. She arrived in one car. Miscavige arrived in another car right behind her. After Vicki and Miscavige had left the respective cars in which they arrived, I heard Miscavige scream at Vicki: " You're going to do the f---ing RPF". I didn't see or hear Vicki make any response. I saw her go into the berthing facility.

74) A short time later, I spoke to Miscavige during his inspection of the stairs and patio of a building which was under construction at the base. He was wearing a new captain's uniform, a rank to which he appointed himself. I complimented him in his new uniform. Miscavige told me that Vicki, Jesse Prince and Spike Bush. He said: " I'm almost positive they won't make it through the RPF. They're criminals".

75) Vicki spent 120 days on the RPF. As Director of Renovations and Construction Gold, a CSI department at the Gold base, I was in charge of supervising the work performed by the RPF at the time. Miscavige instructed us to keep a close watch kept on Vicki because he feared she would try to escape.

76) For 12 hours every day, for the duration of her stay, except for the few occasions when she was too ill to move, I saw her run around a pole (" the running program"). This is one of the most severe forms of RPF. It is reserved for persons deemed to be in a very low ethics status. It is often regarded as a program to contain persons regarded as crazy by the Scientology hierarchy. In addition to the running program, Vicki was also working on other projects for an additional 5 hours a day.

77) Eventually, Vicki successfully escaped from the RPF. She is now suing Scientology.


Note: Strangely enough, Vicki Aznaran did not even mention her RPF "experiences" in her own affidavit, 7-3-1994.


10) Mental control techniques listing used in the RPF

André Tabayoyon's affidavit, 4-4-1994



... 11) The indoctrination I received in the Sea Organization was extensive. It fully acquainted me with the coercive methods that Scientology uses on its staff and public. My training included the following courses which had the content as indicated below:



All the policy ever written by Hubbard about the running, debugging, and if needed the creation of a complete organization using thought reform ideas and practices in conjonction with coercive persuasion on the staff and public.

B) ORG EXECUTIVE COURSE (OEC) (same as above)




I learned in the above courses how to use thought reform processes to make persons amenable to persuasion.


I learned how to administer various thought, ideological and social reform procedures to reorient now compliant subjects of thought reform- to accept Scientology goals as articulated by Hubbard and / Miscavige.


This training taught me how to recognize misaplication of thought, ideological and social reform procedures so as to maximize the effect that coercive persuasion had on subjects under my supervision.


I was taught how to use thought reform procedures to change the most fundamental aspects of a subject's personality and exact a comitment from the subject to further Scientology's goals of clearing planet Earth.


I learned how to use thought reform to coerce subjects into confessing their crimes and sins against Scientology as a step towards their "rehabilitation" as dedicated Scientologists.


I received training on how to trace rumors, statements of disaffection or anti-Scientology thought back to its source so that it could be obliterated and sources of disaffection eliminated.


This training was to teach you how to find out who is spreading negative information and to fully handle him with coercive mind practices. I learned how to ferret out negative information about Scientology; once you found out, those who are guilty become targets for internal " fair game" tactics such as the RPF's RPF or general mental abuse.


I learned how to use thought reform to correct improper conduct by persons spreading rumors or black PR about Scientology.


I learned Scientological techniques to reach persons who had suffered psychotic breaks during the thought reform process. Persons in this condition were not capable of relating to the real world. For the most part, introspection training focused on limiting the stimuli to which the victims were exposed with the hope that over time they would recover.


These are a whole series of thought reform practices used to change people's way of thinking. I learned how to supervise auditors reforming thoughts of people while on the RPF.


This is a technique to ferret out and remove out tech (Non-orthodox Scientology) ideas and to replace the out tech ideas with Hubbard's information.


This training teaches a supervisor how to instill complete terror and abject fear in subordinates so that subordinates will comply with the supervisor's orders without questions. I have been a member of various Churches of Scientology for 21 years from 1971 to 1992. During this time, I received extensive and intensive training as a Scientologist.

...16) The Sea Organization is to Scientology what the Communist Party was to Soviet Russia and the Gestapo was to Nazi Germany. Indeed, Sea Org members were not allowed to read communist doctrines, or magazines and books about mind control and thought reform because of the similarity to the Sea Org life that these documents present.

... 18) As a Sea Org member, I received thousands of hours of training in basic Sea Org policy. In 1977, I was assigned to the RPF for 18 months. In 1980, I was assigned to the RPF for another 2 1/2 years. In 1987, I was again assigned to the RPF for another 18 months. Accordingly, I spent appox. 6 years in total on the RPF. During these 6 years I also spent time-- 19 full days-- on the RPF'sRPF. The RPF'sRPF is designed to totally destroy any individual determinism to not want to do the RPF. RPF is a totally involuntary type of gulag or concentration camp. In order to get out, and stay out, you must prove that you have altered the ideals, morals, social and emotional attitudinal values of another member of the RPF of a long duration as evidenced by the physical actions and motions of the person so altered. One must also prepare written evidence in the form of success stories of how wonderful and voluntary the RPF was.


André Tabayoyon has had the courage to write a thirty pages testimony which is an unbeleivable account of the life lived inside secret headquarters of the cult. I just took extracts having to do with RPF, but reading the entire affidavit is extremely enlightening. In fact, each testimony, affidavit, book, from which I have presented an extract, show a particular sinister and hidden part of the cult of Scientology.

André Tabayoyon escaped the cult after 20 years of loyal "services" taking with him his wife Mary* but failing to locate his 21 years old son whom he has not seen since. He left Hemet base in December 92, since he felt he had suddenly fallen from grace to Miscavige's eyes. He knew he would have been ordered to run around a pole 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for months if he did'nt leave in time. He already knew all atrocities committed on others...

I shall not throw the first stone at someone who took the risk of writing such a stunning affidavit, but still, I have this strange feeling about André Tabayoyon; he never, not once in his testimony, showed the slightest hint of remorse, or compassion towards horrors practised on staff. But looking at the dates, there is no wonder; only16 months separate the time he left, to the time he wrote the affidavit.

*Mary Tabayoyon has written a breathtaking affidavit on systematic abortion practices demanded of all Sea Organization personel.

End of second part

Posted in May 1997