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Boston Phoenix article on CoS, Earle Cooley, and Boston University

The weekly Boston Phoenix, in its April 19, 1996 issue, published a lengthy article entitled "BU's Scientology Connection", all about Earle Cooley. Cooley is not only a Scientology lawyer who helped raid Arnie Lerma's home; he's also the Chairman of the Boston University Board of Trustees!

Reason Magazine cover story

David Post, a professor at Georgetown University Law School, wrote the cover story of the April 1996 issue of Reason magazine: The State of Nature and the First Internet War: Scientology, its Critics, Anarchy, and Law in Cyberspace. (Reason is a magazine of the US libertarian Right.)

American Lawyer article

The March 1996 issue of American Lawyer magazine contains a great nine-page article about CoS and the Net entitled "Making Law, Making Enemies" by Alison Frankel. This may be the most detailed article yet written on this subject.

Get Wired

Wendy Grossman's excellent article alt.scientology.war, from Wired magazine 3.12 (December 1995), is now available on the Web.

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