The Church of Scientology vs. Keith Henson

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On April 4, 1996, the Church of Scientology filed a federal lawsuit against Keith Henson. The first hearing was held Friday, April 12 at Judge Ronald Whyte's court in San Jose, California; here's a transcript of the hearing. This hearing is also described at great length in the April 14 issue of Shelley Thomson's **Biased Journalism**.

Lawyers for the Chruch of Scientology are scheduled to depose Keith on Wednesday, May 8. They have filed a broad, sweeping "Demand for the Production of Documents and Things", asking Henson to provide, among other things, copies of all correspondence between him and Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyers Mike Godwin and Shari Steele. See the April 19 issue of **Biased Journalism** for details.

This page will eventually contain more details; meanwhile, here are some documents to look at.

Here is some background material on Keith Henson:

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