Scientology harassment of non-Internet critics

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Last revised sometime during the summer of 1995. (I hope to revise and expand it by the end of 1995.)

Internet users are finding out something that writers and journalists have known for years: the Church of Scientology doesn't take kindly to people who write negative things about it. They've sued and harassed numerous writers of books, such as biographer Russell Miller, who described his courtroom experience in a Punch magazine article in February 1988. In 1994, they picketed and distributed defamatory leaflets about writer Jon Atack, whose story is told in a 1994 Evening Argus article. In mid-August, 1995, they did the same thing to Seattle resident Robert Vaughn Young, the Church's former public relations officer; that story appeared in the Seattle Times on August 26. Los Angeles Times writer Robert Welkos was followed by private investigators and received unsolicited hand-delivered ads from funeral homes; you can read a first-person account in his Quill magazine article.

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