HCO Ethics Order To: Those concerned Date: 29 June 1965 From: A/HCO EXECUTIVE SECRETARY FOR OFFICE OF LRH Subject: Suppressive Person I. RALPH GLASER is declared a Suppressive Person for the following reasons: A. He failed to handle or to disconnect from his wife as ordered by Natalie Fisher on May 5, 1965. By his own testimony, "The more I gain the more she matters," his wife is Suppressive to him; three weeks elapsed from the time of the order from Natalie until his next interview with Ethics, which might have been construed as rescinding Natalie's order. B. He has repeatedly done the Crime of heckling Scientology instructor or lecturer. For example, 1. Donna Fisk, Night Theory Instructor, was discussing questions on the cancellation of Student Rules and Regulations with the class; in particular, a question concerning the use of alcoholic beverages. Ralph introduced the question as to whether tobacco was more harmful than any other drugs or alcohol; Donna replied she has never seen deleterious technical effects of it, but had seen this on alcohol; Ralph pressed the question, she replied she did not know; he pressed it further, and required finally a statement that that was all on that point before he would stop. 2. Pem Wall was explaining to class the no-checkout system in Theory. Ralph questioned the reason for this. Pem said he could not give Ron's reasons, any he could give would be his own. Ralph pressed for these, Pem said one would be to make the student take responsibility for learning the material, himself, rather than leaving is to an instructor to determine. Ralph remarked that, then the next logical step would be for students to not come in at all. 3. Wayne Rohrer was discussing Ethics with the class, and stated that it was a kindness to a Suppressive Person to declare him as such. Ralph remarked, sarcastically, that there was such a thing as killing a person with kindness. 4. Wayne Rohrer was introducing the policy of the Free Scientology Center to the class. Ralph objected to this, causing student Marie Page to cringe, and Bill Gibbons to attempt to counter the objections. Ralph stated that he could not attend the FSC, Wayne acknowledged, Ralph said that he needed more than an acknowledgment, Wayne said, then he would send Ralph to Ethics. 5. Wayne Rohrer was discussing policy on Suppressive Persons with the class, Ralph presented a series of far-fetched circumstances such as, what if the phone company were declared suppressive, which Wayne explained; finally, Wayne said that Ralph could keep mocking these up and he, Wayne, handling them, but it was not going to get them anywhere, Ralph persisted still further, Wayne finally dismissed him with an 'example' of what if one were trapped in an elevator with a Suppressive Person. (The above are given as specific examples, not to be construed as the totality of repetitions of the Crime; many more exist.) II. That, before the label "Suppressive Person" is removed, Ralph must also discontinue his project of correspondence with and concerning the FDA, the AMA; since these groups are Suppressive and his continued communication with them would make him immediately a Potential Trouble Source and then if continued, again, a Suppressive Person. John H Higginbottom, Jr. A/HCO EXECUTIVE SECRETARY FOR OFFICE OF LRH (SEAL)