Extract from Garry L Scarff's Deposition

Conspiracy to Murder and to Plant Evidence of Federal Crimes
"Q. So was anything else said at that meeting? "
A. Well, yes. We talked about killing Ford Greene.

"Q. So what was said with regard to that? "

A. Eugene told me that there is "no loss in a dead fag" and he basically said it would be a much easier operation for me to perform since I had failed in carrying out my planned effort to murder Cynthia Kisser. He said that Ford would be an easier target and that Ford was a major target that had to be eliminated. And they said because Ford had a history of cocaine abuse and alcohol abuse and it was known that he enjoyed driving his car at very high speeds, and I could recall 90 miles to a 100 miles per hour on the highway back in 1987, that it would be easy to run this man off the road and kill him. Eugene even commented about the aspect of running him off the Golden Gate Bridge, which would insure his death, and that there wouldn't be a lot of investigation behind that simply because Ford Greene had a very impeachable reputation to begin with. But they definitely saw Ford Greene as a threat simply because of him getting together with Gerry Armstrong.

"Q. So what else was, if anything, was said at that meeting and by whom? "

A. Mr. Butterworth and Mr. Ingram discussed with me other ways to get at Ford Greene. If not to kill Ford Greene, Mr. Ingram told me that he could gain access to incriminating materials like child pornography, which to possess is a violation of federal law, drugs and to break into Ford Greene's law office and plant these items and then to call the police and have Ford Greene arrested for possession of child pornography.

"Q. Did Mr. Ingram indicate where he might obtain these materials? "

A. Yes, he did. Mr. Ingram has told me in the past that he is an honorable -- strike that. He is an honored veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department where he received an honorable discharge for something and that he had a lot of contacts within the law enforcement community in California and that he could easily gain access to the evidence rooms facilitated by the Los Angeles Police Department and could access cocaine, guns, and anything there that he needed to use in his investigations.

"Q. Was anything else said about the plan to murder Ford Greene at that meeting? "

A. Not that I can recall right now.

"Q. Now, you said that Tim Bowles, Ken Moxon and Laurie Bartilson of the law firm of Bowles & Moxon were present during that meeting. Did they say anything during that meeting? "

A. Laurie was totally silent during the entire meeting. She said absolutely nothing. Tim Bowles said that Ford Greene was a decisive threat because of his relationship with Gerry Armstrong. I questioned that because having known Ford Greene in 1987, at which time I carried out an operation against him, I told Tim that the man was a drug addict, he was a drunk, he was very insecure, mentally unstable and that he was not a threat, but they seemed to feel that he was a decisive threat because of his relationship with Gerald Armstrong and that -- we had to lose him.

"Q. Tim Bowles said that? "

A. Yes. Tim Bowles himself.

"Q. Did Mr. Bowles voice any opposition to the of killing of Ford Greene? "

A. Absolutely not. Kendrick Moxon did not voice any opposition to him. In fact, when Eugene made the comment there is " no loss in a dead fag," everyone laughed.


"Q. What did Gene Ingram say about what might be done after Ford Greene had been killed?"

A. He simply brought up what we had discussed in November again with the possibility if I saw no other way out, that I could kill myself.

"Q. And that was to commit suicide like you told us about before? "

A. That was to put a gun barrel in my mouth, stick it up to my gums and blow my brains out.

"Q. Have you ever heard of a phrase of R245 in Scientology?

A. No, sir.

From the same deposition:

Q. Is [the Church of Scientology] engaged solely in religious, charitable and humanitarian and community-oriented endeavors? And I am focusing on the word "solely."
A. I am sorry, I didn't see the word "solely." That changes things. No, that is a deliberate lie.

Q. What is the basis for your answer that it is not solely engaged in those things? Very briefly.

A. I would answer that with a question. Would you please tell me what is charitable, humanitarian and community-oriented about ordering the deaths of two individuals they perceive to be enemies of the church?

Q. And to what are you referring in that regard?

A. They ordered me to murder Cynthia Kisser and Ford Greene. Please tell me how that can be construed as charitable, religious, humanitarian or community-oriented. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Does it to you?