Extract from the Affidavit of Monica Pignotti

In this part, she is describing her experiences aboard the Flagship Apollo:

One method of discipline was a ritual called the Kali Ceremony. A hideous picture of the Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction was put up in our classroom above an altar and a ritual was held for auditors that goofed up. In a darkened candlelit room, the auditors and interns were given sheets of lyrics for a hymn to the goddess Kali, sung to the tune of "Rock of Ages" After the hymn was sung, the offending auditor was made to "bow and scrape" to the goddess Kali and then was given a knife and a mock preclear folder and told to "stab the preclear" at which time the auditor had to stab the folder over and over. I had to participate in such a ceremony on two occasions and watched many others participate in this ceremony.

Another way we were disciplined was to spend four hours in the crow's nest. The crow's nest is a small bucket-like structure that is the highest point on the ship. It was reached by climbing up a small narrow ladder. I had to go to the crow's nest on two occasions. One time, I was so distraught, I had thoughts of letting go of the ladder and hurling myself to the ground, even though I had no prior history of being suicidal and have had no history of being suicidal since leaving the group.

The complete affidavit is available here.