From an affidavit by Stacy Brooks Young 13 October 1994

Scientology Doctrine Reguires That Psychiatrists and Psychologists Must be Destroyed

71. There is another aspect of the Scientology doctrine which is highly relevant to this case, because Dr. Geertz is a psychologist. Scientologists are taught that psychiatrists and psychologists are the root of all evil in the world. According to Hubbard, psychiatry and psychology are behind a massive conspiracy to destroy Scientology and, with it, man's only hope for salvation. Therefore, all psychiatrists and psychologists, including Dr. Geertz, are Fair Game as far as Scientologists are concerned.

72. Hubbard taught that the world must be protected from psychologists and psychiatrists at all costs. Hubbard wrote many, many scriptures and recorded many lectures in which he vilified, ridiculed, attacked, and blamed all the ills of the world on the mental health profession.

73. The vitriol in Hubbard's attacks has three sources. First, much to Hubbard's surprise and chagrin, the mental health profession did not embrace either Hubbard or Dianetics, Hubbard's "Science of Mental Health." Second, and even more offensive to Hubbard, was the fact that his often dangerous techniques were labeled as quackery. Third, and perhaps most important, Hubbard regarded the mental health profession as a well-established and deeply entrenched competitor for monies which might otherwise flow to him and to Scientology.

74. The following sampling makes clear the degree of Hubbard's loathing and contempt for these professions, and shows that Scientologists will stop at nothing short of total obliteration of these professions.

75. In 1970 Hubbard wrote "The Psychiatrist at Work" "attached as Exhibit 10). he attacks psychiatry as follows: ". . . psychiatry is making insane people. "This is why the insanity statistic is soaring and why the crime statistic is on a wild climb.... "The psychiatrist has masters. His principal organization, World Federation of Mental Health, and its members, the National Associations of Mental Health, the 'American' Psychiatric Association and the 'American' Psychological Association, are directly connected to Russia. . "It goes without saying that the savagery and fraud of psychiatry must cease and that auditors must encourage in state and public and through all their connections displacing psychiatric abuses with sane auditing."

76. Obviously, psychiatrists and psychologists were evil because their services competed with Scientology auditing. In a 1971 document by Hubbard called "Confidential" (attached as Exhibit 11), he wrote: "Policy is that we assign any case or upset in Scientology to past damage and interference with the person by medicine or psychiatry. They were sent to us after medicine or psychiatry had already destroyed them. We cannot be blamed for psychiatric or medical failures. "By continually repeating this, make the AMA, Nats [National Associations of Mental Health], etc. very wary of using our name on these psychiatric and medical failures. Both subjects are guilty and the statement is demonstrably true. Use it often. Make it known to the enemy that this is our policy as a restraint on their fetid imaginations: "Every time you attack us we will disclose more records of your failures.'"

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