The following is another extract from Andre Tabayoyon's affidavit, in which he describes his experiences on the Flagship Apollo and at the "Gold" base at Hemet, California. You are advised to look up the complete document.


34. During the more than two decades of experience I had in Scientology, I observed on many occasions the Hubbard Tech being used as intended to assist persons to come to grips with themselves and events, persons and things around them. However, I also observed the Hubbard Tech being deliberately misused to punish Scientologists who were out of favor with either Hubbard or Miscavige. When the Hubbard Tech is deliberately misused to cause harm, the practice is called Black Dianetics or Reverse Processing.


L. Ron Hubbard in 'Some Notes on Black Dianetics' states "a person can drive himself mad on Dianetics without any trouble" ... "with Black Dianetics you could tailor make any kind of insanity you want to. The person might not manifest this the next day, maybe not for thirty days. Maybe three months later he is walking down the street and feeling a little bit tired when somebody honks just right or something of the sort, all of a sudden he goes crazy and there he is -- insane! It's a wonderfully smooth way of committing murder." Emphasis added. Exhibit.

35. My observations were direct and personal. I am a highly trained RPF auditor. When I had responsibilities for overseeing how the Scientology auditing technology is applied to cases of Scientologists assigned to the RPF, I received orders directly from Miscavige, Marc Yeager, Ray Mithoff, Sandi Wilhere and Hansuli Stalli, and others, to misuse the Hubbard Tech to create extreme mental and emotional distress and insanity in persons I was instructed to 'security or sec check'. We used the Hubbard Tech, including security checking on the E-Meter, in conjunction with well used coercive mind control techniques of sleep deprivation, starvation, dehydration and denial of decent accommodations. As an example of the appalling conditions to which RPFers are sometimes exposed, on one occasion when I was on RPF, my sleeping facility was a slab inside the vault of the morgue of the old Cedars Sinai Hospital. While on the RPF at Gold, I also occupied the chicken coop dormitory. This was an old chicken coop which still smelled of chicken coop droppings. However, it was not only RPFers who were deprived of adequate food and sleep. At Gold, hundreds of Sea Org members would be deprived of adequate sleep and put on a diet of rice and beans sometimes for six weeks at a time-and their weekly pay of approximately S30.00 would be cut in half. This would be punishment for lower ethics conditions such as poor production. However, when this occurred, David Miscavige would still eat his bacon, eggs, sandwiches and steak dinners.

36. The response of human beings to these conditions is somewhat predictable. I saw many people undergo psychotic breaks. By psychotic breaks I mean being reduced to incoherent babbling, stripping off clothes, crawling around on the ground, banging heads, limbs and other body parts against furniture and walls, barking, losing all sense of one's identity and intense and persistent suicidal ideation. This is what Scientology calls the PTS type III phenomena. There is a policy which describes this. Exh O. I have seen many PTS type III cases. It is my opinion that Fishman has been deliberately driven PTS type III by Black Dianetics and/or reverse processing.

37. I participated in deliberately inflicting this process on others in Scientology. I was a Case Supervisor on the RPF. This means that I saw the auditing folders of all the persons assigned to the RPF while I had this responsibility. I saw that the Tech was regularly misapplied for harmful purposes. The case notes prepared by auditors during auditing sessions were altered or deleted by senior executives. This prevented a subsequent auditor from properly assessing and handling the individual. It is like flying blind without instruments. The potential for doing something seriously harmful is therefore greatly enhanced.

38. I was advised by Richard Aznaran, Sinar Parman and Annie Breeder that Hubbard was an unhandled PTS III when he died. According to Sinar Parman, Hubbard was a psychopathic insane person screaming about BT's and clusters at the top of his lungs.

39. I was also ordered to audit a number of persons, including Stacy Young, while they were on the RPF. The files I was provided relating to Stacy showed that I would be auditing a stable, well adjusted person. When Stacy was led into the auditing room, I was confronted with a disheveled, irrational and incoherent person whom I hardly recognized. Stacy spent the first half hour or so of the session babbling and crying hysterically. Her folder had obviously been altered to maximize the likelihood that further auditing would harm her.

40. What I know from training and experience to be Black Dianetics and reverse processing were also inflicted on me. I survived the processing without experiencing a psychotic break. I believe the extensive survival training I received as a Marine is allowed me to escape the extreme degradation and self-degradation I saw others experience.