An extract from an affidavit by Andre Tabayoyon

41. I also observed a number of individuals go crazy when exposed to the Hubbard Tech even absent malicious intent on the part of the persons applying the Tech. For example, I saw John Colletto go psychotic after he was exposed to the OT III level (Operating thetan level III) materials. He got a pistol. In my presence, he shot his wife in the head. She died instantly. Then John ran a short distance before turning the pistol on himself and committing suicide. Moreover, John Travolta's auditor told me of two occasions on which John Travolta went into deep depression after auditing and therefore suffered a psychotic break.

42. I personally observed a number of other Scientologists go crazy and commit suicide as a result of the auditing processes. Bob Shaffner and I were serving sentences on the RPF's RPF together. Although inmates are not allowed to speak to each other while on the RPF's RPF, Bob made it a point to tell me two or three times daily that he was going to kill himself because of what he experienced during RPF's RPF & OT III auditing. One day we were working on dangerous machinery and Bob suddenly thrust his finger into the machine which cut his finger off. Scientology management was fully aware of Bob's condition. He was placed on the risk of suicide list. Because he was suicidal, his berthing quarters while in the RPF were limited to first floor facilities. Whatever was done, if anything, to help Bob failed. He successfully committed suicide several years later.

43. I saw the Scientology thought reform procedures applied to a large number of Scientologists who were placed on RPF or the RPF's RPF. These procedures brought about long-lasting changes in the attitudes, values, personalities and behaviors of the subjects. Some of the victims I processed were Tom Ashworth, Clarisse Brousseau, Betsy Byrne, Al Crevello, Steve Crevello, Julie Fisher, Janadair Hockaday, Fred Houch, Annie Logan, Jim Logan, Judy More, Toni Prybilsky, Tom Saeker, Johnny Schleshenger, Homer Schomer, Jeff Wrothwiler, Stacy Young and many others.

44. I observed, participated in and was victimized by the use of thought reform on RPF as a means to impose the "Fair Game" law on dissident Scientologists. Despite claims to the contrary Fair Game has never been, and will never be, cancelled. The words Fair Game used in any issue is cancelled. However, the actions of handling suppressives with trickery, lies, deceit and even destruction have not been cancelled and are still being used today.

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