Extract from Andre Tabayoyon Affidavit

11. The indoctrination I received in the Sea Organization was extensive. It fully acquainted me with the coercive methods that Scientology uses on its staff and public. My training included the following courses which had the content as indicated below:

(a) FLAG EXECUTIVE BRIEFING COURSE - All the policy ever written by Hubbard about the running, debugging, and if needed, the creation of a complete organization using thought reform ideas and practices in conjunction with coercive persuasion on the staff and public.


(f) REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE MASTER AT ARMS HAT - I learned in the above course(s) how to use thought reform processes to make persons amenable to persuasion.

(g) REHABILITATION PROTECT FORCE TECH IN CHARGE HAT - I learned how to administer various thought, ideological and social reform procedures to reorient now compliant subjects of thought reform- to accept Scientology goals as articulated by Hubbard and/or Miscavige.

(h) REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE QUAL IN CHARGE HAT - This training taught me how to recognize misapplication of thought, ideological and social reform procedures so as to maximize the effect that coercive persuasion had on subjects under my supervision.

(i) REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE CASE SUPERVISOR TRAINING - I was taught how to use thought reform procedures to change the most fundamental aspects of a subject's personality and exact a commitment from the subject to further Scientology's goal of clearing planet Earth.

(j) REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE AUDITOR TRAINING - I learned how to use thought reform to coerce subjects into confessing their crimes and sins against Scientology as a step towards their "rehabilitation" as dedicated Scientologists.

(k) ROLL BACK TRAINING - I received training on how to trace rumors, statements of disaffection or anti-Scientology thought back to its source so that it could be obliterated and sources of disaffection eliminated.

(l) BLACK PR RUNDOWN TRAINING - This training was to teach you how to find out who is spreading negative information and to fully handle him with coercive mind practices. I learned how to ferret out negative information about Scientology; once found out, those who are guilty become targets for internal "Fair Game" tactics such as the RPF's RPF. RPF or general mental abuse.

(m) TRUTH RUNDOWN TRAINING - I learned how to use thought reform to correct improper conduct by persons spreading rumors or black PR about Scientology.

(n) INTROSPECTION TRAINING - I learned Scientological techniques to reach persons who had suffered psychotic breaks during the thought reform process. Persons in this condition were not capable of relating to the real world. For the most part, introspection training focused on limiting the stimuli to which the victims were exposed with the hope that over time they would recover.

(o) FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN TRAINING - These are a whole series of thought reform practices used to change people's way of thinking. I learned how to supervise auditors reforming thoughts of people, while on the RPF.

(p) FALSE DATA STRIPPING TRAINING - This is a technique to ferret out and remove out tech (Non-orthodox Scientology) ideas and to replace the out tech ideas with Hubbard's information.

(q) EDUCATION PROCESS KTL -This is a major training ordeal where the person is completely re indoctrinated in the basic grammar and use of the English language to communicate Scientological principles concisely and correctly.

(r) TOO GRUESOME TRAINING - This training teaches a supervisor how to instill complete terror and abject fear in subordinates so that the subordinates will comply with the supervisor's orders without question.

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