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Zane Thomas's Story

From Wed Jul  5 14:05:36 BST 1995


Heh, think you're gonna show ole Ron how to attack the wogs, eh?  Cool, 
let's play.

I notice that you clambots are conventiently avoiding discussion of the 
following bit of info which I both e-mailed to ConArtist and posted here:

|I was in the cult when I was 18, at Edinburgh in Scotland. Have
|you've read Bill Robertson's debrief (you probably are too low on the
|confront scale to handle it, but I thought I'd try)? He conducted a major
|witch-hunt with subsequent 'burnings' there.  I saw one particularly
|unfortunate young woman subjected to such mind-numbing abuse by your
|wonderfull spiritual leaders that she suffered a complete emotional

I've seen your authoritarian cult in action.  I was there when Bill and 
his babe arrived at pubs.  I watched them strut in all chest-puffed-out 
with their gold-braided sailor suits.  I heard them yelling, ranting 
(practically foaming at the mouth) as El Tubbard's orders where pinned 
to the wall with one of those cute little knives that the Sea Org Storm 
Troopers carried.

Conditions were declared.  Everyone had to work all day and half the 
night.  We all slept on the floors.  People started to break under the 
presure.  New conditions were declared. People were locked up at the 
bottom of the elevator shaft and fed bread and water.

The threats to personal safety were overt and continuous, totally 
different in kind and character from the little FOAD you were recently 
whining about.  We're talking real, in your face, you are fair-game we 
can kill you sorts of threats.  You know what I'm saying is true, don't 
you talbot?

I left, declared fair-game and got out of the country fast.  It was the 
middle of winter, I had very little money and no way to get back to the 

I was much wiser about cults at 19 than most people ever are.

So, talbot, care to address the foregoing comments or do you want to 
make a total ass out of yourself (again) by ignorning them and 
continuing your pathetic attempt to attack? Thought so.


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