Scientology Criticism

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TR-L: (Training Routine: Lying)

From Thu Mar 23 13:58:29 GMT 1995

   Of course the GO is gone now, but the OSA is here!  Below is a 
document from Lawrence Wollersheim's lawsuit against the Church of 
Scientology.  This document came from the FBI raids on the church in 1977.
Does anyone know where this came from?  Is this from Hubbard himself or 
some verbal tech bozo that managed to get a high position in the church?


Purpose:  To train the student to give a false statement with good TR-1.  
To train the student to outflow false data effectively.

Position:  Same as TR-1

Commands:  Part 1 "Tell me a lie".  Command given by coach.  Part 2 
interview type 2 WC by coach.

Training Stress:  In Part 1 coach gives command, student originates a 
falsehood.  Coach flunks for out TR 1 or TR 0.  In Part 2 coach asks 
questions of the student on his background or a subject.  Student gives 
untrue data of a plausible sort that the student backs up with further 
explanatory data upon the coach's further questions.  The coach flunks 
for out TR 0 and TR 1, and for studnet fumbling on question answers. 
The student should be coached on a gradient until he/she can lie facily.

Short example:
Coach:  Where do you come from?
Student:  I come from the Housewives Committee on Drug Abuse.
Coach:  But you said earlier that you were single.
Student:  Well, actually I was married but am divorced.  I have 2 kids 
in the suburs where I am a housewife, in  fact I'm a member of the P.T.A.
Coach:  What town is it that you live in?
Student:  West Brighton
Coach:  But there is no public school in West Brighton.
Student:  I know.  I send my children to school in Brighton, and that's 
where I'm a P.T.A. member.
Coach:  Oh, and who is the Chairman there?