Scientology Criticism

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LRH recommends the use of firearms

From Tue Nov 28 14:12:48 GMT 1995

NON-PROFIT STATUS" includes this passage:


   Despite the general exposure of many Scientology practice
policies and attacks in the media over the past several years,
resulting primarily from the F.B.I. 's seizure of documents
fro Scientology headquarters, there exists in Hubbard's twisted
mind and writings a little known policy called "R2-45" [garbled]
in the book, "The Creation of Human Ability - A Handbook of Scientology"
written by Hubbard and distributed by the Church of Scientology
of California, the following quote appears:

"R2-45 - an enormously effective process for exteriorization,
but its use is frowned upon by this society at this time."

   "Exteriorization", in Scientology policy is death. The policy
refers to shooting a person in the head. In a short internal
Scientology memorandum called "Racket Exposed", Hubbard attacks
a number of individuals, subjects them to the "Fair Game" doctrine,
and states as follows:

"Any Sea Organization member contacting any of them is to use
auditing process R2-45"

It is unknown to the authors of this Report whether the process
was used on those individuals.

   During a meeting of Scientologists in Phoenix, Arizona,
in 1954, Hubbard demonstrated the R2-45 auditing process by
firing a shot into the floor during the middle of the meeting.
There is some evidence to suggest that between 1975 and 1977,
during the F.B.I. investigation of Scientology, meetings of
Scientology executives were held in which there were discussion
relative to auditing high level F.B.I. members with auditing
process R2-45.

In the book "Religion Inc." (Stuart Lamont, 1986) it says:

  However, in 1952 the phoenix had yet to arise from the ashes of the
HDRF in Wichita. Hubbard took himself off literally to the town of
Phoenix, Arizona, and opened a centre there in March 1952. He trav-
elled in September of that year to England to lecture in London and
returned again in January to find interest in his theories increasing. In
between these visits he delivered the famous Philadelphia Doctorate
Lectures (1-19 December 1952). These are still for sale on cassette by
the Church of Scientology at over $2000 for the set and include
Hubbard's notorious reference to the R2-45 process for exteriorisation.
In plain language, it means that someone can be released from their
body by shooting them with a Colt '45, which Ron proceeded to
demonstrate by firing a revolver into the floor of the podium.