Extract of Fishman Affidavit of 15 November 1993.

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23. During that meeting, I overheard Deborah Truax tell John Stachelrodt that the Office of Special Affairs had assigned an agent to work in the law office of Charles O'Reilly as a typist/clerk/receptionist, The typist, whose name I do not recall or may not have been privy to, was placed there by OSA for two purposes, or major operating targets. I do, however, recall what these targets were.

24. The primary operating target was to copy legal briefs prepared by Charles O'Reilly and turn them over to Marty Kathbun at the Office of Special Affairs.

25. The secondary operating target was to influence Charles O'Reilly into forcing Lawrence Wollersheim to accept a settlement from the Church of Scientology. This operation was simultaneously designed to create an irreparable rift between O'Reilly and Mr Wollersheim since Deborah Truax told me that there were differences between the two of them regarding the settlement negotiations. She told me that the Church intended to put pressure on O'Reilly in order to induce him into dropping Larry Wollersheim as his client and leaving him without counsel. John Stachelrodt mentioned that there were two settlement offers: one for six million and then another for ten million and that Charles O'Reilly wanted Wollersheim to accept them, but that Wollersheim was unwilling to do so, according to the typist who worked there.

26. In August of 1986, a female OSA representative directly under Scientology official David Butterworth told me and the other OSA agents that the Office of Special Affairs had access to a botulism culture from a medical laboratory which he wanted the typist to introduce into O Reilly's food, in order to induce a "terror stomach" (his exact words) to O'Reilly, in order that he would be less effective during the days of the trial.

27. On or about or prior to my calling up the jurors, I was called upon to transcribe various hard copy documents into a terminal of the INCOMM computer located at the office at North Catalina Street, and I was brought in to INCOMM by Deborah Truax of Golden Era Production, who was also the junior to the OSA liaison there by the name of Linda Hamil As the Fields Financial Planner of Miami, I held a password on the INCOMM system which was the word "wogdom" followed by a backslash and my clearance number which was 15223. I was assisted in logging on and accessing the correct data base by a Sea Org Member whose nickname was "Pacman." He was about 19 years old. I was recruited to work on a OSA project which was called "Mission Find the Crimes" and I had volunteered 40 hours of computer time to INCOMM, and my computer time was approved by the Deputy Director of Intelligence for the Office of Special Affairs, who at the time was Marty Rathbun.

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