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Does Scientology have 8 million members?

From Thu Mar 23 12:20:33 GMT 1995

         8 MILLION members indeed!  More OSA falsehoods.
  According to FACTNET records, a 1987 internal  Church  document
indicated less than 50,000 members.
  I have personal knowledge that in 1990 the Central Files at the
Flag  Service Org (FSO) contained about 40,000 names.  Per Church
policy, the names of any person who purchases services at a lower
org   are  forwarded  to  the  FSO, for inclusion in their central
files. Many of these names were duplicates, the same people with
previous or incorrect addresses.  Many had not purchased services
for over ten years, some were deceased.
  In 1991, the total annual worldwide income  of  the  Church  of
Scientology  International  was  reported to be approximately 300
million dollars.
  Based on simple mathematics, I believe 40,000 ACTUAL members is
a more realistic estimate.
             Assuming there were 8 million members:
  300  million  dollars  annually/8  million  members  =   $37.50
expended by each member.
  $37.50  a  year,  per  member,  would not even cover the cost of
printing and postage for the numerous bulk mailings that the Orgs
send out.
          Assuming there are ACTUALLY 40,000 members:
  300 million dollars annually/40,000 members = $7500.00 expended
by each member.  At  an  average  price  of  $300  an  hour  for
auditing, each member could afford 25 hours of auditing a year.
  All the indications are that the membership is falling, not
rising.  Scientology Inc.  is a California phenomena, and the
majority of members and organizations are located in Los Angeles
County.  The income brackets in Southern California, and the
Hollywood celebrities, make that area a lucrative market for
Scientology services. Most, if not all, of the Church members and
OSA agents posting on ARS are located in LA county.
  There are NO organizations in Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire.
There  are  very  few  in  the  Southern  USA.   There   are   NO
organizations in the Canadian Maritime provinces.
  Recent  court decisions in Germany point to the likelihood that
all Scientology "Churches" will have to register as commerical
enterprises and will not be recognized as operating for religious
or charitable purposes.
  Scientology in France is reportedly in receivership for tax
purposes. Spain does not recognize Scientology as being organized
for religious and charitable purposes and 22 org staff and OSA
members are facing criminal prosecution later this year.
  The "Growth" of NEW organizations is mere paper shuffling. Most
if not  all  of  the  "Social  Action"  and  "Community  Service"
corporations  are  empty shells, "front" groups with the "Central
Office" located at some empty desk in a large building in Los
  After  40  years  in  existence,  the  fall  1994  issue of the
"Auditor" newsletter listed a total of 49,150 "Clears" worldwide.
  However, with just the interest from all the laundered money
that LRH squirreled away in foreign bank accounts in the 70's,
Scientology Inc. can continue this charade for a long time, and
Miscavige and his cronies can enjoy quite lucrative, and
perfectly legal, salaries and perks. Deception under the cloak of
religion is apparently acceptable in this country.