Scientology Criticism

Information that Scientology does not want you to read

Are the Confidential Confessional Folders really Confidential?

From Fri Mar 24 21:56:58 GMT 1995

Lest there be any doubt about the practice of the Church of Scientology
"culling" potential blackmail material from the confidential records of
its members, here is the original document that authorized this activity.

This action continues to this day and Church members seeking to purchase
the Upper Level "OT" levels are required to pay for extensive "Security
Checks" called OT elgibility checks. Members are required to disclose
the most intimidate details of ones personal, sexual, and financial life,
and the names and addresses of all friends and relatives. In the event
the member leaves the church, speaks out about it, or requests a refund,
all this data can be leaked out. Blackmail operating under the cloak of


   The  oppressive  methods  that the Church of Scientology takes
against its "enemies" have been well-documented over  the  years.

   What  follows  is  the verbatim transcript of an actual Church
documents that was entered in a Court case in 1984. My commentary


                         GUARDIAN ORDER

GO 121669 MSH                                 16 December, 1969

To:  All D/A/Guardians for Intelligence


OBSERVATION:  The  enemy  has  used the method of infiltration to
obtain information against ourselves as known from incidences  in
South Africa, Edinburgh, and Washington, D.C.

   The enemy has also "turned" and used as  double  agents  staff
members  as revealed by Maurice Johnson at Saint Hill and Barbara
Peake in Melbourne.

   Further, the enemy has used former disaffected staff  members,
Scientologists  or relatives of Scientologists in their attacks -
Phillip Wearne and Doug Moon in Australia, Jean Kennedy and  Gene
Van Niakerk in South Africa, Michael Parnetta and Mrs. Henslow in
England, Eleanor Turner and the former Mrs. Elmo Troup in America
and  the O'Donnel family in New Zealand, to name but a few of the
outstanding examples.

   Although  infiltrators  and  double  agents  can  create  more
internal  chaos  and  disorder  in an organization, the enemy has
been  most  successful  in  their  attacks  through  the  use  of
disaffected  staff, Scientologists or relatives of Scientologists
and the biggest gross error an organization can makes as  regards
its own security is violation of the HCO Policy letter of 27 Oct,
1964, "Policies  on  Physical  Healing,  Insanity  and  Potential
Trouble Sources."

   The duty of keeping the organization secure belongs in the HCO
Division, both in  RAP  and  Inspections  and  Reports,  but  the
Intelligence  Bureau  has learned through long experience that it
cannot leave this function entirely up to HCO and  where  it  has
done  so,  it  has  had  to  suffer  the consequences.  Thus this
programme is a vital one.

   MAJOR  TARGET:  To  use  any  and  all  means  to  detect  any
infiltration,   double   agent   or   disaffected  staff  member,
Scientologist or relatives of Scientologists and by any  and  all
means  to  render  null  any potential harm such have rendered or
might render to Scientology or Scientologists.


   1.  This  programme is to be done by the Asst. Guardian or the
D/A/Guardian for Intelligence, if thi post is held separately.


   1. To make full use of all files on the organization to affect
your  major  target. These include personnel files, Ethics files,
dead files, Central files, training files, processing files,  and
requests for refunds.

   2.  To  assemble  full  data  by  investigation of each person
located for possible  use  in  case  of  attack  or  for  use  in
preventing attack and to keep files of such.

   3.  To  be alert to usual security precautions and to see that
these are performed by the organization; such as  proper  locking
of the premises, security of keys, locking of files, the changing
of locks if keys have been lost, proper safes, etc.

   4. To keep off staff and org line  any  person  who  has  ever
betrayed Scientology or who has threatened to betray or blackmail

   5. To ensure the Policy Letter on Physical  Healing,  Insanity
and  Potential  Trouble Source is not violated and to be alert to
any possible violation.

   6. To maintain a good liason line to Ethics  and  ensure  that
the  Ethics  Officer  alerts  you  to any person who might attack

   7. To be alert to any organizational theft or disappearance of
records  and files as a possible inidcation of an infiltration or
double agent. Infiltrators are frequently those who have recently
"joined"  Scientology  and  so  can be watched. Double agents are
usually detested by natter, down stats, disorder  in  their  area
and no case gain.

   8.  To be effective and imaginative in your collection of data
and in your actions to nullify any attack or threat of attack.

   9.  To  keep  your  Asst.  Guardian  fully  advised  and   the
D/Guardian  for /Intelligence WW, who will inform the Guardian WW
in such matters.

   PRODUCTION TARGET: This is a  continuing  Programme  on  which
Projects will be issued from time to time.

                        Mary Sue Hubbard



   Mary  Sue Hubbard was the wife of L.Ron Hubbard. "CS-G" stands
for Commodore's Staff, Guardian.  In 1969 Hubbard  was  aboard  a
converted  ferry  that  the  Church  had purchased.  The official
Church line is that Hubbard resigned as the Executive Director of
the Scientology Worldwide operation in 1966, however the evidence
is overwhelming that  Hubbard  continued  to  micro-manage  every
aspect  of  the  organization.   Several  years  earlier  Hubbard
established the SEA  ORGANIZATION.  The  Sea  Org  was  a  small,
zealous  group of Scientologists that manned several vessels that
Hubbard  called  his  "flotilla".   Hubbard  called  himself  the
"Commodore" and Sea Org members wore naval uniforms, saluted each
other,  and  had  enlisted  and  officer  ranks  to   distinguish
themselves.   Hubbard  gave  his  wife a life-time appointment as
Controller of the Scientology Worldwide (WW)  operation.  Hubbard
paid his Sea Org members $30 a week, plus room and board. The pay
has remained the same over the years.

  "The enemy" mentioned in the document is vague, however several
years earlier, shortly after Hubbard made the legendary discovery
of the Mystery of OT III while he was aboard  ship,  he  made  an
audio  recording  of  his  experience  and  it  was called "Ron's
Journal".  Copies were made and distributed to every  Scientology
organization  in  the  world. The airing of "Ron's Journal" was a
special event for all staff members.

   Ron's Journal  gave  an  account  of  how  he  single-handedly
managed  to  traverse the "Wall of Fire" on OT III, nearly losing
his life. The "Only One" who managed to do it and come out  alive
in the last 76 million years.

   Hubbard  announced  that  his  investigation  has revealed the
actual  identity  of  the  "Suppressives"  who  were  behind  the
"attacks"  on  Scientology  and  provided  their  names  and  the
organizations they were connected to. The organizations  included
the  AMA,  the  FDA, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies in
the United  States,  England,  Russia,  and  South  Africa,  plus
several International Banks.

   The  search  for  "Suppressives"  quickly  became  the highest
priority  in  Scientology  organization  and   Hubbard   released
numerous "Ethics" policy letters to detect "SPs" and released new
"tech" to discover "SPs" that  people  undergoing  auditing  were
connected to.

   Hubbard's  obsession  with finding the SPs responsible for the
troubles  in  his  organization  rapidly   infected   the   whole
Scientology  network.   He  remained at sea to avoid the numerous
enemies he perceived as hostile  to  his  mission  to  produce  a
planet  of  Clears,  free of the harmful effects of OT III.

   In the 1970's, under Mary Sue Hubbard's direction, the  Church
of Scientology devised a plan to place clandestine Church members
as employees in various U.S.  government  agencies  that  Hubbard
considered  "suppressive".   This  was a highly-secret operation,
known  only  to  the  elite  staff  in   the   Guardian   Office.
Extrordinary steps were taken to conceal Hubbard's actual control
of the overall operation.

   In 1976 Hubbard sold off his fleet and went ashore in Florida.
Numerous dummy corporations were set up to conceal any connection
with Hubbard or Scientology. Hubbard set up elaborate precautions
to  conceal  his  actual  whereabouts.   Federal  Law Enforcement
agencies caught on to the Church plot to steal government records
and  Mary  Sue  Hubbard  and  several other Church leaders in the
Guardian Office were indicted and convicted on  Federal  charges.
Hubbard   continued   to   elude  detection  or  the  serving  of

 All  staff  members  are fully aware of the potential use of the
most  private  details  of  their   life   and   their   personal
transgressions  should they later decide to leave Scientology and
most former staff members are reluctant to speak out about abuses
within the organization, for fear of the embarrassment the covert
revealation of their personal records can cause.