Price list for Class IV

{From The Squirrelle, an australian anti-scientologist:]

I have price lists for Class IV and the books & bits. 

These are 1989 prices, July to September and showed a blatant
pre-calculated increase of 10% per month. This brings an even
bigger accusation against the Cof$ regarding "donations" as to
how they calculated a compound 21% increase over 90 days as a
reasonable donation component for auditing and courses.

I have some questions about the prices - another posting.

The following items have only one price.  I'll quote the IAS
price only as no-one in their right mind would buy this crap
if they weren't an IAS member.  Notable items only.  

LRH Bust (Large)        $8,625 but going for $1,725  US$6,295 and $1,260
                        (not much call for phattman heads)

Mark Super VII Meter    $5,850   US$4,270
 "         V            $1,500   US$1,095

Special Edition Doctorate Lectures  $17,500  US$12,775
Leather Dianetics                   $   296
Internation Edition Dianetics       $ 1,000
Dn and Scn Technical Dictionary     $    90  (bargain.. mine cost $8)

OT Pendant              $  380

Academy Cassettes       $2,300  US$1,680
Philadelphia Cassettes  $4,150  (just $54 per cassette) US$3,030

So.  At a glance?  Approximate all-up costs for a well-walleted Scieno
for books, meters and frippery:

Hardcover books $ 1,550
Softcover books $ 1,050
R& D series     $ 1,700
Tech/Admin Ref  $ 4,600
Dictionaries    $   270
Cassette/Video  $11,800
Reel Tapes      $   600
Meters          $16,000
Meter Accs.     $   450
Gift Books      $19,000
Joolery         $ 2,100
Junk/CLearance  $ 2,500

Total           $61,620  US$45,000    ... peanuts.

Are you an FSM?  Bulk purchases, per 100:

Dianetics Hardcover   $2,986    (retail $44 per)