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Critics Examine Scientology's Beliefs and Practices

* For most people, the first contact with Scientology is through the Free Personality Test. How reliable is that test? Chris Owen investigates.
* Does staring fixedly for hours on end help you to communicate? That seems to be the idea behind the Training Routines.
* The NOTS Documents are some of the most impenetrable of the Scientology secret texts. Are they profound scripture, insane babble or medical quackery? The NOTS Scholars page is where to look for answers.
* Ron warned of a future invasion by aliens called Marcabs. No, really!
* Is Dianetics based on proven scientific facts? Jeff Jacobsen investigates.

* You thought you knew about high pressure sales techniques? Timeshare agents are novices compared to the Church of Scientology. Hubbard even mandated the covert taping of conversations.
* Scientology training routines aren't as bad as they sound: you are at least allowed to blink.
* A central Scientology belief is that everyone occupies a point on the "Tone Scale" with which their behaviour can be scientifically predicted. Stephen Jones explains the Tone Scale in his own distinctive (and hilarious) style. Prignillus presents the full chart with his own improved version.
* Essential to the upper teachings is the belief in thetans; the spirits of dead alien beings.
* The Squirrelle, a prolific critic on a.r.s, examines the theory and practice behind the Body Communication Process.
* Hubbard taught that his sauna-and-vitamin programme could flush toxins (and even radiation!) from the body. Is this idea as crazy as it sounds? Chris Schafmeister and The Squirrelle take a look at the Purification Process.
* OSA representative Andrew Milne claimed that the Purification Process is not intended to produce physical benefits. Here's the Squirrelle's response.
* Robert Kaufman wrote this detailed critical account of auditing, the therapy used by Scientologists.
* It is alleged that auditing involves the implanting of false memories. Take a look at this transcript of Ron in action and decide for yourself.
* A classic book on pseudoscience includes this transcript of an auditing session.
* A report from South Africa describes the coercive nature of the therapy.
* A stark illustration of Scientology's plans for humanity is given in the policy on homosexuals
* A contract that scientologists are supposed to sign, promising not to sue the organisation

L Ron Hubbard

* The staggering extent to which Hubbard's life has been mythologised is revealed in a set of documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

* Ron's sons: Quentin Hubbard, a homosexual, died under mysterious circumstances. L Ron Hubbard Jr testified in court about the fraudulent nature of Dianetics and Scientology.
* Ron's war record: the official story on LRH is that he was a war hero. The truth is remarkably different.
* Ron's past: The covers of some of L Ron Hubbard's books describe him as a nuclear physicist and an expert in many fields. Fortunately, his college grades are still available. Take a look.
* In the policy on Keeping Scientology Working, Hubbard displays his contempt for democracy and his sense of his own importance.
* Ron's motives in turning Scientology into a religion were suspect to say the least.

Scientology against the anti-cult groups:

* Attack on FACTnet: Larry Wollersheim explains how and why the scientologists want to shut down the Fight Against Coercive Tactics.
* Attack on CAN: Describes the use of multiple lawsuits against the Cult Awareness Network.
* CAN has been forced into bankrupcy and bought up by a Scientologist attorney. Unsurprisingly, the "new CAN" has a much more favourable attitude to Scientology than the old version.
* Attack on CSICOP: In 1980, the cult also tried to forge damaging information about the Commitee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paramornal.
* Jeff Jacobsen's experience: Jeff was never a scientologist, although he is a contact for the Cult Awareness Network. Here he explains how the CoS has "targetted" him.
* A Description of Exit Counselling: Scientologists want you to believe that the anti-cult movement uses violent "deprogramming" techniques. This is a first-hand account of what really happens.
* The American Medical Association was also targetted as an "enemy".