The 558 Program: Page 2

Notes & Jargon

"give good results on div 6 lines"
(line 3)
Division 6 of a Scientology org is the Public division, responsible for recruitment; this expression means "attracts lots of new members."
SNTD (line 6) ?
"Priest Alevizopoulos investigated with his crimes exposed"
(Major Target #1)
Scientologists firmly believe that anyone who criticises Scientology is a criminal; all that needs to be done to make attacks go away is to investigate and expose the undoubted criminal past which any critic must have. (See L. Ron Hubbard, "Critics of Scientology")
"Government comm lines created so as to be able to predict and handle future government attacks"
(Major Target #2)
Comm lines = communication lines, i.e. a flow of information from within government into Scientology. This sounds rather similar to the "Early Warning Program" instituted by L. Ron Hubbard in November 1975 (see the "Early Warning Program" page). That was a plot to place agents in national and local government departments "so that any situations [relating to Scientology] concerning governments or courts ... is known in adequate time to take defensive actions ..."
"PR activities created with favorable media coverage obtained on community actions in order to create a favourable image for Scientology in Greece"
(Major Target #3)
Scientology undertakes a considerable number of community activities - educational projects, charity galas, gifts to foster children at Christmas, etc. However, L. Ron Hubbard teaches that nothing should be given away for no return. As this target makes clear, that return is favourable media coverage for Scientology; "good deeds" evidently are seen merely as PR exercises.
invest (in Major Target #5) Investigation
"study the following issues..."
(Primary Target #2)
The list of documents is revealing. The three OSA WW Orders have never been made public, though their titles are suggestive of their contents. The two HCO Policy Letters are publicly known and relate to the infiltration and control of governments - highly significant when considered in connection with Major Target #2. (See "Justice Actions: Infiltration".)
"word clear this program"
(Primary Target #3)
If any word is misunderstood, it must be "cleared" by being looked up in a dictionary and annotated.