243 Riverside Drive
New York City
May 16, 1940

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.


May I bring to your attention an
individual whose Nazi activities, in time of
national emergency if not at present, might
constitute him a menace to the state?

The name is [CENSORED] a German
whose sister is a member of the Gestapo in
Germany. His anti-American discourses concern
in the main what he would do in case we went
to war with Germany, and he never speaks for
publication along this line but only privately.
As steward of the [CENSORED] he supports
an almost entirely German staff, discouraging the
employment of Americans. He entered this country
illegally, according to his private statement.
In my opinion he is definitely "fifth column".
He can be found at the [CENSORED]

My interest in this is impersonal,
though possibly shaded by the feeling of dislike
which he always inspires in me for he is the
last man in the world I would trust. And I
fear that all too soon we will have need of
every precaution to safeguard our country.



L. Ron Hubbard