February 11, 1980

Dear Mr. Shannon,

As far as I know, there were no "surveys" of minerals in Puerto Rico in 1932 other than my own. I was visiting professor in geology at the university of Puerto Rico in 1931 and 1932, giving lectures in geology not only to students, but also to the personnel at federal and insular angecies located in Mayaguer in 1931 and in Rio Miedras in 1932. I was also commissioned by the University to prepare the monograph on "The Geology of Puerto Rico," and during the same period was the sole geologist active in Puerto Rico on the Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The combination of duties made just about all the geology the island had. Before I returned to the mainland, an insular bureau of mines was created, and I continued to serve as an occasional consultant and visitor to the island during the balance of the Thirties and during the war years. I am sure I would have been apprised of any survey that might have been undertaken during that period.

The only Hubbard concerned with Puerto Rican geology was Bela Hubbard, who did a survey of the Lares District in the early Twenties. As a check, you might write the Library of the U.S. Geological survey at Reston, Virginia, requesting them to advise you whether there were any publications listed by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard in the bibliography of Puerto Rican geology completed by Margerie Hooker shortly before her death. You may be able to get further verification from Dr. Rafael Rice, a student in 1932, but subsequently a man who served the insular government in many capacities and who would know - or could find out - whether there were mineralogical surveys by L. R. Hubbard. His address is Apartado 1028, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00919.

You aroused my interest and curiosity, and I hope you will satisfy the latter. I know of no reason why my name should not be used. Do you? No one else has approached me on the subject of your inquiry, and you leave me wondering whether I may appreciate queries and should be on my guard. I will appreciate enlightenment. I am not wholly unaware about the current ruckus over the Church of Scientology, but am far from well informed.



Howard A. Meyerhoff