Willamette Week (Portland, Oregon)
September 27-October 3, 1995, page 14

"They're ba-a-ck! Thirty-nine bundles of Exotic magazine were returned to the offices of X Publishing Inc earlier this month after they had dissappeared from news racks across the city ( "The X Files" WW, Aug. 16, 1995) The Stolen Magazines, which contain an article ridiculing the Church of Scientology, were sent to the sex-industry publication's offices anonymously (in plain brown wrapper, of course). The sender slipped up, however, when he paid the delivery service by check -- the check number showed up on the reciept for the packages. Duh! Police traced the check last week to Portland Attorney Martin Reeves. Reeves would disclose his client's identity only to police, but detectives confirmed to Exotic Editor Frank Flatch that their suspect is associated with the Church of Scientology. "I feel vindicated," says Flatch, who suspected Scientologists were responsible for the thefts but had no concrete proof."