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Ted Mayett's Story

Ted Mayett is an ex-scientologist who came onto alt.religion.scientology
newsgroup in the Summer of 1995. He has demonstrated *on his own* outside
the Las Vegas Scientology org on several occasions. 

Here he explains why he *wants* to be declared an enemy of Scientology.

From Fri Dec 15 16:51:26 GMT 1995

When I first stumbled across scieno maybe 12 years ago they had a 
communication course for about $30.00.  That course led to my joining 
staff.  I remember that first paycheck, it was for $1.76.  I'm not shy, I 
remember saying real loud, "what the hell is this?"   And I learned. (Not 
too well some might argue) :-)

And being that the story of my past actions are not as important as my 
present and future actions I digress.

I have a theory that when the Erlich types pulled out of the church the 
cream of the crop was gone.  This is how I support it.
When I was on staff that first time one of the lifers commented to me 
that I was the first one in 4 years to finish Staff Status 2.  I was also 
told that I was the only one in years to finish some Dianetics course.  
CCLV has not produced a clear for about 
10 years now, so I'm told.  The other building does have some few 
accomplishments training and processing wise.  Not near as many as they 
would have you believe.

For the first ten years or so of my erratic involvement in scieno they 
never had a residence address on me, just a POB and a beeper number.  I 
used to just drift in or out as the mood struck me.  Every now and then I 
would shoot in to see what they were up to, see who was about, and 
sometimes take one of the less expensive courses.  It was always a lark. 
 A break from the routine.

On 6/3/92 I paid $1,200 down for the Purification course and the TR's and 
Objectives.  This is how it came to pass.
I was having one of the worse periods of my life.  We couldn't hold our 
marriage together, that ended early '92.  I had taken a loss of over 20K 
early '92.  A very dear friend had died early '92.  All this happened in 
four months or so.  I was very sick that winter with pneumonia  I gamble 
for a living, successfully.  The 20K was a crippling blow.  Suddenly I 
was alone with less than 10K to my name.  10K for a working bank will not 
earn you cooks wages in this town. 

Well, I thought, it's time for something different, and I went to say 
hello to Scientology again.

When I first got on the net and typed in Scientology to see was there 
anything there I was not able to post.  Couldn't post for about three 
weeks.  But I could read, and that's all I did.  I would read till I 
would just about pass out those first few weeks.  Needing food was all 
that got me out of the apartment.  I didn't work the casino's at all.  
Just read and read.  I read probably every article on every web page.
ARS had something like 4,700 articles when I first logged on.  And they 
didn't go away.  It seemed that no matter how much I read there was 
always 4,000 more to go.  And I read about mind control, and found myself 
there.  And I read about how they prey upon people who are emotionally 
down, and found myself there.
I tell you it was not pretty.  It's hard to read how stupid you've been.
I had paid that $1,200.00 to put this scieno question to rest.  Like some 
type of yo-yo I had kept coming back over the years.  My plan was to pay 
as I go and not bother with discounts.  The registrar there was one 
Ginnie Werner.  This girl was good.  Before I realized it I was putting 
$300 per month towards the bridge.  This became 300 every few weeks.  
This became a special, special, special price of only 9k or so to buy the 
whole bridge on a co-audit.  I feel rather silly having done this but 
it's done.  Making believe it didn't happen is not my style.

Before I had put down two payments totaling about 7K I had gone 
completely broke.    I had my computer ready to sell for $1,500.00 when I 
found about $200 lying in one of my drawers and ran that up to 15K in 3 
weeks.  I had hired a Clear named Donnie Cunningham to help me on this 
promotion I found and exploited.  Donnie was from Scotland and was just 
passing through.  Donnie died about two years ago.  Found dead from a 
heart attack lying on a couch.  Excuse me, scieno's may be reading this, 
he dropped his body.  Donnie had helped me spend that money, about 9K of 
it went to the church.  To this day I can't tell you what I bought.

Even before discovering the net I was mentally done with the church.  I 
don't believe they miss me.  Even in my darkest hours I was always an 
unruly child.  "What are you talking about, Verbal Tech?    So this is 
what Hubbard said, so what.   Yo, my main man, I'm a customer here and 
the customer is always right". Things like that.
They asked me about a film once, I told them I thought it terrible, they 
never asked again.  But they did tolerate me.  I was always fast to throw 
a hundred dollar bill on the table for whatever cause.  Plus I got free 
hotel rooms for visiting Sea Org.

Today.  Today they have gotten me angry.  While in scieno I played pretty 
much by the rules, and I cared.  It was very wrong of them to use my 
money to raid a man's home.  I have to not curse here.  They never even 
consulted me.  It was my religion for awhile.  I trusted them and they 
lied to me.  That's OK, I've got thick skin.
They raided peoples homes in my name and that is not OK.

46 years old and look at me, I'm suddenly on a crusade.  And why not, I 
have no friends left, I lost them all with Scientology.  I was under  for 
awhile, I even beat a roommate up severely, he was an SP.  I was 
surrounded by SP's while in scieno.  The boy I beat up is a better man 
than I was, we talk again.
Well it's good to be back in the sunlight.

This is my story.  No different than one could find by reading the write 
ups on the web pages.  Mind control and money, money, money.  I wish that 
I had a truly unique tale of Scientology, but I was just an average 

Well my initial rage is over, now I smolder with anger.  They used my 
money to raid a man's home.  This is not me.  I am a gentle person, in 
love with sunsets, poetry and life.  Of all the crimes the clams have 
committed the raid on Erlich's home riles me the most, almost beyond 
reason.  Feb. 13th 1995, I may have been in the building that day 
clapping and cheering about something.  It make me sick.

OSA, I've read enough about you taking people to court.  I am taking 
Scientology to court.  Give me my Declare.

There have to be illegalities involved in such a piece of paper.  I'm 
going to be the one to air them out.  Let's do it.

You want to bankrupt me, give it your best shot.  Give me my Declare.
I need the Declare for the case I have in mind, so give it to me please.

Or, send me a certified, notarized letter that the policy has been 
changed and so I will never receive a Declare.

You should have my residence address, if not have Andy Milne call me and 
I'll give it to him.  I say Andy Milne because I can recognize his voice 
from the time I called CSI.

I want my Declare.    NOW.

Ted Mayett
POB 14786
Las Vegas Nv. 89114

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