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An anonymous couple write to Dennis Erlich

Dear inFormer Editor,

     As the parents of a son who was in scientology for 15
years, we have been watching in concerned amusement as our
town elected Sonny Bono mayor.  His connections to
scientology are well known to members and ex-members of the
cult.  That he seeks, now, to distance himself from scientology
is not at all surprising.  The name scientology brings shudders
to journalists, government officials and the general public.
They are well known for harassing critics and ex-members who
dare to speak out about their neo-fascist "religion" of science-
fiction exorcism and total member domination.  Their "fair
game" policy instructs them to do whatever it takes to silence
those who speak out against them.
     Twenty-two years ago we watched our young son
change from a bright, caring, questioning young man with a
wonderful sense of humor and a bright future, into a staring
zombie within the first few months of his involvement in
scientology.  He gave up a wife and their two beautiful children
because he was going to "clear the planet" (loosely translated
as making everyone into scientologists).  For the years he was
on staff with scientology he earned less than $20 a week.  He
told us stories, which horrified us, how he and others were
locked up in isolation for weeks, the squalid conditions the
cult's "Cadet Org" provides for children of staff members and
the massive covert intelligence operations the cult runs.  These
illegal escapades landed Hubbard's wife and eleven of the cult's
agent/leaders in federal prison for stealing documents from the
IRS, the FBI and other government agencies.  In the stipulation
for sentencing, all of the defendants admitted their crimes.
The cult called it "Operation Snow White."  The goal of the
operations was to steal documents from government offices
that prove the government was conspiring to keep scientology
from it's goal of "clearing the planet."  These facts are a matter
of public record.
     A couple of years ago, using it's Narconon drug
rehabilitation front, the cult made a deal with several indian
tribes in Oklahoma to lease a school on reservation land for the
purpose of running their drug-to-cult conversion program:  "the
purification rundown."  This past month they were denied the
right to practice human experimentation in Oklahoma by the
State Mental Health Commission.  The Commission found
Narconon's program ineffective and potentially dangerous, but
not before the cult had harassed the publisher of the local
paper who dared to uncover and print the connection to
scientology and expose scam donations from other scientology
front groups.  They even had private investigators talk to the
mayor's nine year old son, on the way home from school,
about his father's stand against the Narconon facility.
     We have enclosed a copy of a recent article from "The
Quill" magazine (a magazine for professional journalists)
documenting the harassment of those who write against the
cult.  For this reason alone, we would like our names not to be
printed along with this letter.  Our son advised against it.
     Scientologists believe they are above the law.  They
operate on Hubbard's principle "Never fear to hurt another for a
just cause."  This is equivalent to "the end justifies the means."
They have attempted, through dirty tricks, to drive ex-members
and critics insane or bankrupt.  These facts have been
established in court.
     Sonny Bono may be a joke to lots of California
residents, but he is certainly no joke to those of us who have
been exposed to scientology's agenda and covert methods of
achieving domination.
     Knowing what goes on behind the cult's closed doors,
as my son does, he views the cult as the beginning of a new
"Supremacist Movement."  If the cult is not challenged, as the
Nazis should have been in pre-Hitler Germany, they intend to
assign anyone who doesn't want to be brainwashed to the
Rehabilitation Project Force (scientology's labor camp reform
     Sonny Bono is a scientologist.  He knows it and we
know it.  He should admit this fact and let the voters know
exactly what they are voting for.  We have a right to defend
ourselves and our community from what we know is a fascist
group:  scientology.  Unless you want to be "cleared from the
planet," we urge you do the same.

(Names withheld on request)
Bono was just elected to the US House of Representitives for the
Palm Springs/Hemet area.  I wonder who voted for him?  When I was
in Clearwater, we were all given orders to vote against Gabe 
Cezarez (or whoever opposed the scienos).
         Rev. Dennis L Erlich     * * the inFormer * *

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